1. A DIY Teacher’s Gift with Guest Blogger Rebecca G. from Not-So-SAHM

    It’s that time of the year again! School is coming to a close and that means it’s time to thank the incredible people who do so much beyond the basics of teaching our children. There are a myriad of people at our kids’ school who have dedicated themselves to helping our children grow as people, cultivate their creativity and a love of learning, and make school a joyous place to go each day. There simply isn’t a way to thank them enough, but I like to try by putting together a meaningful gift that shows our gratitude.

    DIY photo album
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  2. From Kit to Carousel

    DIY Moments: Vol. 16 No. 2

    Our kits are perfect for an afternoon craft with the kiddos, but what can you do with them after that? Why not repurpose your favorite kit into a cute mobile for nursery décor or your little one’s bedroom? Learn how below!

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  3. Quick Kentucky Derby Fascinator DIY

    We’re off to the races in just a couple of days and if you’re like us, you’ve been so focused on the promises of Mint Juleps that you completely forgot about one key fashion item for the Derby: your fascinator! The crafter in us found a solution with 2 quick Kentucky Derby fascinators that are easy to make but still have that “wow” factor. Take a peek below for 2 ideas you can make in a snap!

    The Flowery Bow

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  4. Mother’s Day Road Map

    mother's day road map

    Make this Mother’s Day extra special by celebrating your Mom in a way that celebrates who she is and all that she does. Each mom is different and special in their own way, so we’ve come up with a Mother’s Day Road Map to help you give your mom the personalized day she truly deserves!
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  5. DIY Personalized Stationery with Guest Blogger Nicole L. of Probably Polka Dots

    scalloped stationery and envelope

    I am a paper fanatic, and something tells me that if you love Paper Source as much as I do, you might be, too. I pick up cards just about everywhere I go, and I am always searching for the best stationery I can get my hands on. Of course, my favorite paper finds are the one that are unique. I love the thrill of finding notecards that I know no one else has seen before. There’s something about sending unique stationery in the mail that seems so much more personal, too.
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  6. A Picture-Perfect Handmade Gift

    DIY Moments: Vol. 16 No. 1

    There’s always a sort of pressure leading up to Mother’s Day to get your mom the perfect gift – she’s done so much for you and deserves the best! This year, why not craft your mom something beautiful and sentimental? Here is a picture-perfect handmade gift in 3 easy steps.

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  7. Fun Crafts with Fine Papers

    Recently, we’ve overhauled our fine papers, adding variety in color and designs to create a swoon worthy collection. In celebration of the new designs, we’ve taken a few of our new favorites and created 4 easy crafts!

    Marble Monogram

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  8. How-To: “Forever Bouquet”

    This Mother’s Day, combine two things everyone loves receiving- gorgeous flowers and thoughtful homemade gifts- to create a crepe paper bouquet for the most special lady in your life! It can be hard to put into words how your love for her just keeps on growing, so say it with beautiful blooms she can treasure forever.

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  9. DIY Stationery Center with Guest Blogger Rebecca G. from Not-So-SAHM

    black and white striped box full of stationery

    A stationery center for our kids is one of the projects that has sat atop my “DIY To Do” list for quite a while (the list is loooong). Now that the kids are both old enough to do much of their own writing (even though many of their spellings are quite creative), I thought it was about time to get it together. Teaching kids to create their own correspondence is a great way to help them develop academically, work on practical skills, and create a nice family tradition. Read More

  10. DIY Baby Announcements That Go Beyond Basic Baby Stats with Guest Blogger Bryn Huntpalmer from Modernize

    When my friend’s baby Maisy arrived, she wanted to create a more unique baby announcement since this was her second child. We decided to get crafty and involve her older son in the process.

    We started by having Hayden color some white paper with all different colored markers and then used his drawing with this flag hole punch to create a bunting flag banner for the top of the announcement and wrote “Baby” on it in pink.

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