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So, these are the instructions for the #10 open end, it's such a cool invitation. It's perfect for those of you who have lots of information and it also doesn't use the zylon machine, so maybe that's a little easier too. So here's my box, I've gotten it in the mail, magnificent, they do such a lovely job in sending this stuff out, I'm always so impressed. And you open it up, and here's all the stuff. And you'll get an instruction list, and this will have a whole list of what's in here, but let me go through it with you. So here is the decorative top layer, which is this, and its cut to size, remember that, you don't have to cut these at all. This is the back layer, that is back here and wrap all the way around to the front. So that's these... This is the ribbon that goes here although there are alternative fastenings, and I'll show you them on this one, but this invitation comes with ribbon. And then this is all the #10 open end envelopes, I could count them to make sure, 50 50, Excellent. And this is the paper which we're going to use to do the invitations. So now I can get rid of the box, and get to work.

formatting: So now we're going to talk about the hard part, which is the computer part. For those of you who are younger than me it won't be so hard. But, for me it's always really hard, and I have to get a friend to help me, but these invitations we've already formatted, for God's sake use scrap paper, do all sorts of trials, and be particularly aware of how the proportions are kind of strange, the top is very large, and that's because it's fits underneath here. So you always have to think in terms of the body of the invitation is down here rather than on a normal invitation where you can see the whole thing. So, leave a great deal of space up on the top. After you format one, just put it in place and you can check to see whether or not it's a good one. So, here they are, and now we're going to do some cutting because you never can get away from the cutting part when you're doing your own digital invitations.

cutting: So here is the invitation. Again, you always want to get rid of the black line, and if it's been printed square, you can just shove it up here and that helps, but some printers aren't perfectly square so it's always wise just to look and make sure that black line is straight, and there you are. You see this part is tedious, but not hard. Don't drink and cut. My famous words of advice. You want to keep all ten of your fingers. Notice I'm putting my fingers on this to stabilize the invitation. You don't want it to slip while you're cutting. And now I've made the last cut, and we're ready to go.

assembling: So, we've cut both layers, and you notice they are different lengths, so it has sort of a book feel. The most important thing now is to get them together so that they all come down to the end, you can fold this over to make sure everything looks perfect, and then you take a pen and just put a little dot where the hole punch should go. Then you can get rid of your backing for a moment, and take out your hole punch, and now we're going to punch those little suckers. There's one, there's one, don't you love it? And then here's the other one. These don't have to be exactly perfect, it doesn't show, it's completely covered as you're about to see. So, there they are, and they're fairly close. So the instructions call for 8 inches, so I'll mark off my 8 inches, and cut it, I like a little tapered end. I'm not going to taper the other end, because by the time I've got the whole thing finished, I'm going to have to re-cut both ends. So now the trick is to feed it, and this is the challenge on this invitation, to get it through these little holes. I always take it off like that and do it one at a time. I'm putting my invitation layers through, and then my top layer. And then you start to work on the other side, and the trick to that is to not lose these. So that sides done. Now I'm going to do this side. As you can see, this is probably the most time consuming part of this invitation. I don't know if you can see this very well, but you just go like that and then you have to kind of reach under here, and attach it to the other three pieces. Okay so, there we are, and now this part is complete, we'll quickly slide it through the front piece, and we're ready to tie our little knot. There is enough ribbon in this kit for you to make a bow if you want, I'm a knot kind of a girl, I love knots. So out comes a little knot, it helps if you have small fingers; this is an issue to bring up with your parents. There’s my little knot, and as you see, my ends are all kooky, and I just trim them, and trim the other one, and it's all done! Isn't that the cutest thing? And you see the front is who is marrying who, and the back is where they're going to be married. It's a great invitation. I think that was a dog barking. It's a great invitation. Perfect timing.