I'm going to show you another use for these little boxes, and that’s as a gift box, and I want to take this beautiful Christmas ornament and rather than put it just in a box, I'm going to try to make something beautiful out of it.

First, let's see, I've already cut a piece of paper; I thought maybe it would be pretty to do something like that. I'm just trying to make it look like something really special. And then maybe if I hang the ornament, like that. I going to take my handy-dandy tool, and pierce the ribbon, remembering gravity, so I want this thing centered, and now I'm just going to go right through it. You can see it coming through the box on the other side.

Now I'm going to hopefully, take one of the cute little tiny tiny brad, and I'm going to hold it up so I can see what I'm doing, and I'm going to go through the ribbon, there we go, and now I'm going to put it in here, and I'm going to spread that little brad with my finger nails and I'm going to slam it down a little bit like that. And there’s my beautiful little gift. Boy this is certainly ugly isn't it? Let's try tucking it in the hole here. You just have to always try to think of a way to solve a problem. There, much better.

Now I want to put a little hang tag or something to say to whom it’s from, and then the most important thing is that I want to address it. And see this; it's perfect in there, not even wiggling around. I need to cover up that brad because I don't want it to fall, and we'll use my favorite big red stickers. I'm going to put one on each end, one way high up like this, and that one is going to be my return address. Well, maybe it's going to be my regular address. And then the other one I'll put here, and make it the bigger one. Aren't they fun, these stickers? And then it just goes like this. So now this is going to be my return address so it's going to say Sue Lindstrom, Paper Source, Chicago. And who should I give this to? Who should I give it to? I see somebody waving in the background, so I will give it to Linda, Paper Source, Chicago, IL. There. Isn't that cute?

Maybe I want to decorate it a little further. I'm going to grab this zyron, this little baby tiny zyron machine, and I'm going to do something fun. Let's see, I think I'm going to use... hold on, one sec... I'm going to use this cute little shape hole punch, it's an awful heavy weight, I don't know if it's going to work, but we're going to try. This is the cutest little hole puncher, it has a trap door. Then I'm going to just put this in the hopper, and then pull it out, tear it, and now I've got a little decorative element, to really jazz this up. So cute. I have a little thing here that I've shown you before with the zyron machine, it takes off the glue, and makes it just perfect. And yes, the Post Office will deliver it. Lucky Linda!