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One of the cute girls up in design came up with these wonderful animal cards. They are just so creative and so much fun and they are all made out of stickers. So you can do them with your kids, they can feel great, you can have so much fun, and it's a guaranteed success story.

This is what the package looks like. There are four different designs available. A little chicky, a frog, a goldfish and a cow. They come packed with all the components, and we're going to make one so that you can see how very easy they are. Here is the base card, you always have to know which is up and which is down, so there is it. And you see that it's a brown sticker, pink in the middle, chocolate on that side.

If you want to hand write your invitations, you can hand write them either when they're in place like this, or before you stick them, if you want to use the computer, obviously, you have to do it ahead of time. You take off your first sticker, and you fold it in half first. Put it in place. I'm looking to see, the bottom has to be the closest because you've got those cute little ears. There's that. And then this one's going to be in half too. I never read directions, so I haven't the foggiest idea if this is right. Then comes this one. I think it would have been easier if I had done them off the card, but oh well. And moms this is where you're going to have to help your kids. There's the mouth, and then comes this sticker, and you want to butt it right next to that guy. Which I didn't do. They're fairly forgiving, so don't worry too much about it. It's sort of like making tacos or something. There we go. And then this one opens, I want to make this all crisp.

And then you have all these other wonderful little pieces. They are going to make the eyes, the brown spots, and the nostrils. So first let’s get the eyes on. It's sort of like the wonderful cards that we do, for Thanksgiving, the turkey place cards. This is where your kids can really show some of their personality. So there’s the eyes. These are the little irises? Is that it? To stick them, you have to use one of these wonderful little glue sticks that show what you're doing. And so I think I'll make him kind of cross-eyed. Cross-eyed and gluey. So easy to amuse. Now we want to do the little nostrils in the same way. They come with the little thing still in them, so you just have to poke that out. This one's not quite accommodating, that one was perfect. They go down way down here. And again, you're just going to put a little glue on them. Wherever your kids put them will be just perfect, so don't worry. It's meant to look a little silly. And don't forget, they'll be very proud of them no matter how they look.

And then comes the spots, which makes him look very cow-y. Don't forget if you put it here, you can take a scissors and cut off this little section here. And you can use this like this, and put it here, and to trim that little edge out, I don't know if you can see what I'm doing, but just stick it over the edge and then you can get some extra spots that way. Here's the last one, like that.

And now the cute little ears. Oh I've got extra ones, there you are, so there's the cute little ears which are half circles, and I want to cut that in half like this. Actually they're a little less than a half circle because you want to be able to see them on this. So you can put them like that. And I want to make these are little smaller so that the entire margins shows around it. So I'm going to cut it further in like this and stick it in the middle like that, and same thing on this side. Isn’t' that cute? I think he's going to look more realistic if I just cut this piece off. You know there’s always something I screw on, it's part of, we hope, the charm of these, there we go.

You can see it’s really really fast and really will make your kid feel like he did something fun. You can open the card and write the invitation inside or write it on the mouth. Just a wonderful little kit and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Have fun with your kids!