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So this is an example of the perfect office, one we all of course have. This is one of my favorite products, this wonderful file folder holder. We make file folders out of a lot of our patterns, and it's the most attractive way to organize your desk.

What we're really so fond of, is the simplicity of covering some of your books to really make a visual statement. These are just hardcover, paperback books that we just covered with paper, and it's so easy to make a jacket like this. And here's a wonderful little, it's not full of candy, so I'm not really fond of it, but it's a wonderful little box from one of our box kits.

So, I'm just going to move these suckers out of the way. And, here are my paper choices. And I think I値l use the Pool, which is this one. And I'm going to show how easy it is to do this. So here's my book that I want to cover. You need to have approximately three inches on either end, and an inch and half top and bottom. So the first I'm going to do is pull this to here, and guesstimate what six inches would be. And it would be to about here, and you notice, I知 not even being careful. It's about this, so that's good enough for me. And now I'm going to do it the other direction. You can tell how skilled I am at this. And then I turn it around like this, I want an inch and a half on this end, and an inch and a half on this end, and again, all I知 going to do it run my scissors like this. And now I致e got my basic shape of paper, then I turn it to face me. And I知 going to first fold up the bottom edge, my approximate one and half inches with my bone folder. Then I'm going to do this edge, now I知 going to do the other top edge. So you can see, I知 leaving about 1/4 of an inch on this edge, and then I知 going to take my bone folder and just score it right here. Ah a good boning helps everything. Now I just run it in each direction, again with my bone folder. And now I知 going to check to make sure I知 accurate. I want to give a nice little bit of ease on either side. I don稚 know if the camera will allow you to see it, but it痴 just perfect. Now I知 going to do this edge down here. This one is the three inch edge. I知 going to line this up here and here and again bone folder. And before I do this edge, I知 going to measure again. I知 going to put this in like this, a moment I look truly incompetent, it always helps to have three or four hands, but genetically I知 more normal than I壇 like to think. I知 snugging it up, then I知 going to just crease that edge, perfect. And again I知 going to take my bone folder and crease this. Open my book, use that mark to, one of the things that I知 doing that I think is smart, is I知 making this edge align with this edge. That makes me pretty sure that I知 going to have two right angles on this. And again, the old trusty bone folder. And now I知 going to attempt to stick this in here, and in here. Pretty fast that time.

Voila! A perfectly covered book. It痴 so easy, you could do a whole row of them in your bookcase just to look, you know, like you're really a great decorator.

Then incase you ever want to know what the book is, you just open it up and try to read it. No that's not true, we put labels on, hold on a minute, they're out of reach. So here's a whole pile full of labels, and you can put them either here, like this, or you can wrap it around the spine. You can use a contrasting color. You can use one of our great big circle stickers which I just love. I知 going to be rather normal here, and use this one. So I知 going to put it towards the top. You know, I could have done this smart and figure out where center. I知 going to do that, hang on one sec... I知 going to put the paper back on, just so I don稚 ruin it. I want to just pinch it to locate center. And that I can estimate, I put it on the wrong side, so that痴 about right. You just sort of adhere it nicely, with my bone folder. I always like to use something to help, so I知 just using the table to wrap it around nicely.

If anyone痴 look carefully they池e laughing because it痴 so crooked, you wouldn稚 believe it. Next time I値l be smart and I値l use a pencil mark so it doesn稚 look so terrible.

So here's my beautifully covered book, with my very crooked label and let me tell you, no one will ever notice. I知 going to put it my extraordinarily attractive office. You know, this is perfect when you have a really risqu book, or your very personal notes about your last date, or whatever, it's a perfect way to disguise your books, make them look elegant. It痴 a great technique. The covers that have become tattered with love and extra wear, beautiful solution.

This is a very contemporary look, but you can also do it with, I値l show you some that are over here. Some Japanese papers that are beautiful ways to have a completely different look. And each one of these is covered in a Japanese paper. And it痴 just beautiful. And it痴 a completely different look, and again you can put the label on the cover, or around the spine. It痴 a way to look quite elegant. It痴 very easy, and a lot of fun. Do something creative every day guys!