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So again, these are my new favoritest things. You know I'm sure youíre all tired of everything being my favorite, but you know they really are wonderful. And you're going to see why. They're called chalk ink, theyíre these wonderful little packets of, and theyíre like markers. Youíll see how fabulous they are when I start using them. Thereís two sets, this ones called Brights and this ones called something like Naturals. I donít know if you can see it, but the tip is white. You can shake it forever, or you can do this trick we discovered, you just hold it down like this. And the ink slowly comes down the barrel into the sort of felt tip. Not yet, but it will. Hereís one, I got these ready beforehand, we did a lot of shaking, it was pretty exciting. Letís see, nope, oh Iím starting to see it, it's almost there. But this one is all done. So Iíll get that one ready so you see the tip is bright orange. It makes these wonderful really opaque and vibrant lines. Now this one is ready, and it's the same thing. Iím going to have some fun, and Iím going to paint the wall behind me. Iím going to draw on it. Hang in there; it should be a lot of fun. Iím going to make a window, I think a red window. So hang in, here I go! Hey you want to come and help? This is fun. You want to draw a cat?

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