Embossers: It's the most elegant way to finish an envelope, or make your own stationery. But we need to talk about them a little, theyíre a little tricky, thatís my favorite word. When you buy them, first you need to realize that you need the machine, as well as the embossing plate. You can get them round for motifs, or rectangular for address. Or you could actually use this as a little motif if you design one sideways. There are four types: top bottom that would be bottom top, the determination is how you intend to use them. First, let me show you how to load this little guy. You squeeze the thing, make sure that the top plate is the thick one and itís just lifting the handle and sliding it in, and youíll notice the little holes, it has to sit in those little holes and it will make a nice little reassuring noise when itís in place.

So now Iím going to show you how to work it. You put your paper in and then you press down. It takes a lot of strength. So I want to show you how to do this. I always stand up; Iím not strong enough to do it any other way. Push down like this and you push as hard as you can, well as hard as I can and then you look at your image. You probably canít even see it on this, but let me tell you itís a nice nice image. And then you kind of memorize how hard you pushed because each successive one you want to be the same amount. So Iím going to do another one, and push as hard as you can and then itís absolutely perfect. So now, I wanted to point out that this is a multi directional one so it can work on the top or the bottom its cover weight so it only works on cover. It wonít work on an envelope, although if you try to put it on an envelope there is no guarantee that it will work, but I have found that if you do it really lightly you can sometimes make it work. Letís jut see. Not bad not bad. No guarantees with the cover weight. The text weight almost next works, but if you buy the cover weight, which is not only the most popular, but the most useful you can sometimes get it to work on an envelope. So this our snowflake, let me show you our envelope weight one. This is a little rectangle one. And to close it I just pull it out and to put it back in that side up, squeeze. And there, eh not quite, ah thatís the noise youíre wafting for. So now ill take another envelope. They are always done the right direction for an envelope. Now on the envelope I donít have to stand up. Uh oh, I pressed too hard. I donít know if you can see this well, it's fine, sometimes if you push too hard you'll get a wrinkle, and most of who youíre mailing this to, guests wont care, but you know its nice to be perfect.

So I think that takes care of embossing. And we have beautiful motifs. And as I said itís such an elegant solution. and you donít have to put it in the center you can put it off the to the side, but its so elegant and its such a nice way that almost allows you to have a little printing press in your home and you can make stationery for your friends you can use your address on all sorts of wonderful things. You can actually use it on our stickers. You can emboss a sticker and then put the sticker on. You could put the cute little snowman and put it on the sticker and then put the sticker on the card. So there are lots of fun things you can do.