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Envelope Template Kit Video Transcript

Hi guys, I'm here today to show you some of our cool products. This is my absolute favorite, it's the envelope template kit. It has I think six, one, two, three, four, five, oh maybe it only has five, I'll count again. One, two, three, four, five. It has five templates in it. They're really really cool, they're all these different sizes. So you can make envelopes from almost anything. 4 bar, let me get rid of this, the biggest is the A7, the smallest is the 4 bar and there are three in between. They have this teeny little thing that gets stuck in the template and you just pull it out, throw them away, do you guys remember Julia Childs, how great she was she would just go with the eggshells? They go out like that and then they can be used as a place where we are going to do the scoring. I'll show you that later.

What's wonderful about them, is you can use these to be really really creative, I'm going to show you first this calendar. This is a calendar by Cavallini. So you pick your first page, I have one here it's a nice image of a clown. Then you try to find a place on him, I'll use the 4 bar, it's my favorite, I like little envelopes. And you place it on here, you can see through the template it's a translucent material so you can see rather well. And by the way, there are two sides, a smooth side and a rough side. And if you put the rough side down it doesn't move, and if you put the shiny side down, it moves pretty well. Always put the rough side down, and of course you can always read that wonderful word, Paper Source. So you move this around until you get it exactly the way you want it. I forgot I had the whole calendar under here, that's going to make life difficult. I love it. Then you take your pen and you trace around the sheet. And some people are really good at this, I'm not really good, I did well in Kindergarten, but tracing is not my strength. So there you are, now you can take your handy dandy scissors. I love these new scissors from Tonic, they're so good. Notice I cheat, I don't go like this with my scissors, if they're nice and sharp you can just open them up and drag the scissors, it makes it a lot easier.

And once you get this sucker cut out, then you take your little guy like this and you put it on top and you use your bone folder and you score in these little slots that are just perfect. And then you can fold the guy, you can see the score marks on the back, right on those lines. And this is the order, the bottom flaps on the two sides, and then the important flap is last. And then you can glue it together with either incredi-tape and just take a little piece and put it down like this and pull it off like that. See I cut mine too long, no problem, you just roll it over to the side like that, see look see how I have the tape too high, incompetence, but you can fix it, just roll it back. Now it's covered, perfect. So you do that all the way around. Actually I must say I'm a glue stick kind of girl, always do it on, uh oh, pretend I didn't do that, we'll go like that, like this, done. So cute, and then this is what goes through the mail and there you are.

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