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This video is about food. Truly my favoritest favoritest thing. Food is a great thing to give, you just have to doll it up a little. It's beautiful for weddings, it?s wonderful for birthdays. One of my favorite things are these great big giant Hershey bars. And you can just slide this thing that they pay so much money for and get rid of it, and then wrap it choose a piece of origami with Cherry Blossom. So I?m going to wrap it and I want the two little ends to stick out. So I'm going to just roughly mark it, right about there. And I'm going to take my handy dandy little knife. And just I?m using a cutting mat, and I?m just slicing off this white edge. I have a ruler here so I might as well use it. Where is my little mark? This looks about right, we'll see when I? uh oh, maybe it?s not so right, but it?s good enough. And I?m just going to put my candy bar down here and go like this, one, two, three so its perfect and I can just cut it at about any old place, like that. And I?m going to do this; you know the best part about this is that the candy bar is going to be eaten by us afterwards. So everyone is very anxious for me to hurry up and do this video because we're all in the mood for some chocolate. So there's my little guy. I?m going to use some double face tape and put it right like this, and there is just a beautiful little gift. I could cut some, I know what I could do. I could put an M on it, what i do is punch two little holes here and put the ribbon through coming out the front, so I can just slip this on snug initial down. Tie a little knot, put a little bow on that baby. And you just have an immediately beautiful little gift that looks so very personalized and you can see how long that took. This is great for a wedding to put at peoples places. You can put it in a box, this is what I think a wonderfully fun birthday gift. Well you can imagine, you take it out of the box and then you address it. The best part is it rattles. I love rattling. As you can imagine this is a really favorite present.

I?m going to put some pretzels in here, these little clear bags are great. And again, it?s a perfect little size for treats. You know everyone likes treats, picture this with a little bigger bag and a chocolate chip cookie. Uh oh, it?s too thick, it won?t close. I?ll have to eat a little more. I?ll take that many out, and it fits right in there. And I?m going to put a little fun topping on it, to make it look really creative. If I can find, here's one. I have this orange and lake look. So I?m just going to fold this in half and use my handy dandy bone folder, if you can see what a mess this is, I?ll show you my pretty one, so here we go. And I?m going to put it like this, make sure it still fits in the box, its perfect. I?m going to use double stick tape, and use this as a way to have it actually be the card. Now I just want to open it up so I can work on it easier. But then you can see how cute the pretzels are, and I can put something like this across the top. It doesn?t fit too well, but you know, these are yours so you can just lomp it off if you don?t like the way it fits. So this will go like this, and I?ll put a piece of a double face tape there, and I don?t know if you guys have seen the wonderful German scrap that we have, but its great. And I can just see how much room I have in the box, I can just put it like that. And again use double stick tape because it?s right there, and rather than do a really elaborate card, you can do something just like this. And then ill close it, and isn?t that cutest card you?ve ever seen? Just imagine opening up this card on your birthday. And it just says, oh I forgot my name! How could I have forgotten my name? Well for one thing I have nothing to write with, oh, I have a pencil. So I?m taking it out and writing xoxo Sue. It?s just the funnest thing in the world to open, and it?s a lousy little bag of pretzels, but you know that?s what life is, pretzels.

Kit Kats, these come already shrink wrapped in this stuff, this nasty looking stuff, but if you just put a beautiful little piece of paper you turn it into an elegant elegant look. Just again use some double stick tape there and again up here. And then put a little card on it, that ones too big, oh this one would be so cute. Maybe ill put it across the same, and if I had a pen, here is one magically appearing Linda is the best. I?m going to write "a tasty treat!?. It?s so cute, anyway, everyone loves food and it?s so easy to decorate and turn it into something so personal and it?s so inexpensive and allows you to be so creative. Do something creative everyday guys.