Glassine envelopes are really one of my very favoritest things. They are so nifty. These are just four right here that are just as cute as can be. Each on is a different sizes, well that's a lie, these two I think are the same size, no, all four are different sizes. The glassine envelopes come in little packages like this of 50. So if you get a couple sizes you will be set for life. Itís just the most wonderful little thing for birthday parties, or for tucking into your honey's pocket or putting in a drawer for somebody to discover. This big one here is just a rubber stamp which believe it or not which believe it or not sticks to glassine.

Let me just do one to show you, Iíll use this birthday hat. And Iím going to use this is Brilliance ink pad, theyíre quite lovely. You just stamp lightly with it. I just want to remind that on a brand new stamp pad which this is, the ink sometimes takes a while to absorb into the rubber so don't expect a perfect image on your first time. If you remember you always stamp on something scrap first just to make sure its good. I want it a little stronger than that, so itís coming, itís getting there. There you are, good enough. You do this with your ink pad, and then because this top is coming down so my center of my envelope is down low, Iím going to concentrate my cute little party hats down at the bottom. I hope this shows, it has a delicacy when you stamp on glassine. So Iím just going to put a bunch of these little hats scattered on top, give it a party look. Always remember to put that little top back on your stamp pad. And now we have a great little glassine pouch for treasures. Iím going to put some almonds in because then when the camera stops rolling I eat them. Itís the best part of the whole day, why we didn't think of this earlier, I do not know. So there they are. Pretty nifty huh? and then you just put one of these little tops on, poke two holes with a hole punch, thread your ribbon through, and its as easy as can be.

You can put flowers through here. Hereís a little sweet one we did earlier, we took a flower, two holes and then we took the extra piece of thing and curled it up. There are so many different things you can do. Out of the way, but not too far so I can get to those almonds. I want to show you these sweet little single packs. So this has a little seal on it to close it up. It could have a little bow on it to close it up, it could have a wonderful little initial like this, it just has four little photo corners. That takes a little longer, but boy itís such a cute thing, you could put a little photograph in there, or a message to your honey or in your kidís lunch box.

They are just the sweetest things you can imagine. Hereís a teeny little one with a little photograph I put in, I know you canít see this, but itís of my mom. Iím looking for one that I really like, ah hah, I found it, hereís one with a little leaf in it. And the leaf is from one of our wonderful little packets of paper leaves that is just a whole bunch of die cut leaves. We used to cut these all by hand, ill tell you it was the craziest thing youíve ever seen, but now itís just these wonderful leaves that are all these different shapes that you can use to decorate all sorts of things. And donít think fall, they can be used all year long. Let me get these out of the way, this is a little leaf, and its got a little stick, again two holes from the hole punch, and then its just popped through with a little thread, a book binders delight and a little thread we carry, its when you donít want it to look too feminine the way a ribbon can look.

What else, oh hereís another one thatís just rubber stamped, and again the book binders thread and the outline of the leaf inside, itís just the sweetest little thing. And hereís one of my favorite things, is how wonderful our big stickers looks on glassine. So you can take a big glassine envelope and one of our big stickers and they are just so dramatic, isnít that exciting. Imagine how exciting that is to get. And I think thatís about it, go buy yourselves some glassine envelopes guys, theyíre the best, or as my father would say theyíre nifty.