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How To Make a Bat Mobile


Bat Garland Kit
black ribbon or cord
1/8" hole punch
scissors or Razor Knife
cutting mat


  1. Trace the largest bat shape onto black cover weight paper 2 times and cut out. Adhere the two bats directly on top of each other (this will create a strong base from which the smaller bats will dangle).
  2. With the 1/8" hole punch, punch 1 hole in the top of each bat wing, and 2 holes along the bottom of each wing as shown.
  3. Now choose a small bat shape from the kit. Trace and cut 2 bats out of black cover weight paper. Adhere the bats together at the body only, leaving the wings unglued (the wings will be folded out to add some dimension). Repeat the process of tracing, cutting and adhering for a total of 4 small bat sets. You may choose to use only one small bat shape or a variety.
  4. For each small bat, punch a hole through the top of the head. Then focusing on one wing at a time, carefully separate and bend each wing, creasing at the body. Repeat for each small bat.
  5. To create a hanger for the mobile, cut a piece of ribbon or cord approx. 22" long. String through one of the upper holes of the large bat and tie. Repeat with other end of string for the remaining upper hole. Trim off any excess ribbon.
  6. Now attach the small bats to the large bat to create the mobile. First cut a piece of ribbon approx. 10" long. String one end through a hole of the largest bat and tie. Now string the other end through the head of a small bat and tie. Trim off any excess ribbon. Attach the remaining bats as you choose you may want to stagger the bats as they hang from the base, by simply shortening or lengthening the ribbon. As you attach the bats, try to keep the mobile balanced so it will hang level.

Download the Illustrated Steps PDF.

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