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Photo Craft Ideas

Photo Craft Ideas

To make a truly personalized gift, use photographs! There are so many great papers and materials to use for printing photos. You may need to test print on a few materials and with different printer settings to achieve your desired look. Here we've made wonderfully fun photo covers for albums and boxes, and used photocopies as envelope liners.

If you will be using a color copier we recommend Superfine White or Superfine Soft White Text Weight Paper. Available 8 1/2" x 11" or 26" x 20".

If you will be using a scanner and computer printer we recommend Luxe White 160g or Luxe Cream 160g Paper. Available 8 1/2" x 11" or 27" x 19".

Experiment with other printable papers and materials like matte finish inkjet paper, linen bookcloth, or super cool magnet sheets.

In addition to printable paper, to make some of the items seen here, you may need a Drop Spine Box Kit, Photo Album Kit, or Envelope Liner Template Kit. To make a photograph paper flower, use our Paper Flower Kits substituting with your own photo copied paper.

See our How-to Video to learn more about printable materials and other photo projects.