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How To Make a Circle Sticker Banner

Personalized banners are a great way to decorate for a celebration, and are so easy to make at home with labels and alphabet rubber stamps. Hang the banner on a wall or font door for a party, or use in a nursery or child's room for personalized decor.

Personalized Banner Decoration

2.5 inch Round Printable Labels
Rubber Stamp Letters - Old Claude


  1. Simply stamp a letter onto each label.
  2. Peel off the labels.
  3. Stick the labels to a string or ribbon. One way to adhere the labels is to stick two labels back to back with the ribbon in between (only one of the back-to-back labels is stamped with a letter, the other is the backside of the banner). By doing this you conceal the sticky sides of the labels so they don't stick to anything else.