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How To Make Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers with our Flora and Fauna wrapping paper is a synch. Use these lovely flower decorations for a party or shower, or to decorate a little girl's room. Adding a dimensional effect will make them seem like they are jumping off the wall!

Paper Flowers

Flora & Fauna Salsify & Wasp Wrapping Paper
Flora & Fauna Nightshade & Butterflies Wrapping Paper


  1. Cut out the large flower and butterfly shapes from our Flora & Fauna wrapping papers.
  2. Fold and shape the flower petals and butterfly wings for a dimensional effect.
  3. For an even more 3-D look, layer a second flower cut-out on top of the first flower cut-out.

For another way to make paper flowers, see our How-to Video on making paper flowers using our paper flower kits.