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How To Make Holly

Handmade Holly

Holly Pattern PDF download
Craft Knife
1/8" round hole punch
Glue Stick Foldover Card
Decorative Paper


  1. Print the pattern from your computer. Enlarge or reduce it as desired.
  2. Start by choosing the desired size and color of your card. Enlarge or reduce the pattern of the holly as desired.
  3. Print the pattern from your computer. Trace the holly pattern onto your card.
  4. Unfold the card, and making sure to only cut thru the front of the card, cut out the holly shape with a craft knife.
  5. Use the punches from a 1/8" round hole punch to create holly berries for your holly leaf. Adhere with a glue stick.
  6. The final step is to line the inside of your card with decorative paper. (To get these dimensions, measure the size of your card folded shut. Cut your paper a 1/4" shorter than this dimension on both the length and the width.) Use a glue stick to adhere. Center onto the inside panel of your card.

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