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Initial Gift Tags

Initials make fun gift tags, and can be made from any paper - whether solid color paper, decorative paper or even an old postcard or last year's holiday cards!

If you are planning to attach your letter to another card, then a text or light weight paper will work fine. If you plan to use the letter on its own, without a backing, we recommend using a cover weight or heavy weight paper.

Download the PDF templates.

To begin, cut out letters one of two ways:
  1. Print out PDF templates, lightly tape printout to your paper and cut out OR cut out a letter from template, trace onto paper of your choice and cut out of paper.
  2. Cut your paper to 8 1/2" x 11" and print the PDF templates directly on the paper and cut out.
Letters can then be adhered to any card shape, or can be used on their own.
The templates given fit best on a circle scallop or 4bar card.

Try other variations such as:
  • Trace the letter of your choice onto a large sheet of paper as a repeating pattern and give "John" a gift wrapped in "J" wrapping paper.
  • Cut letters out of cover weight or a heavier weight paper. Punch a hole in the top and add a matching ribbon. Hang on your tree, door, or window.
Initial Gift Tags