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Ornament How-to

You will need:
five 5 1/2" circle cards
decorative paper (to create five 5 1/2" circles)
glue stick or other adhesive
cord or ribbon
bone folder
razor knife or scissors

Choose a circle card color & matching decorative paper.

Trace a circle card onto the decorative paper and cut out. Create 5 circles out of the decorative paper.

Carefully fold the circle cards in half. (Think paper tacos.) Use a bone folder to smooth. Repeat with the remaining circle cards. Now fold the decorative paper circles in half, making sure to have the pattern on the inside. Again use the bone folder to make crisp folds.

Take a folded circle card and apply adhesive to one outside half. Carefully center and adhere one half of a decorative circle to the circle card. Repeat these steps of adhering alternating circle cards and decorative circles until you reach the last one, where you will adhere the last circle to the first, creating a sphere.

Loop cord or ribbon around the sphere and tie in a knot at the top. Allow extra cord or ribbon from which to hang.

Hang from a chandelier, mantle, or even your holiday tree. Festive for any holiday party!