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Pop-Up Package Card

Print the pattern from your computer. Enlarge or reduce it as desired. Using the pattern, cut your gift out of cover weight paper or a thin paper backed with a stronger one.

Using the pattern, make a score line on each end of your gift with a bone folder. Fold the flaps in. Make another score in the middle of the card and fold.

Add ribbon to the sides of your package and adhere with tacky tape.

Apply tacky tape to the end flaps of your package. Align the middle of the folded package with the middle of the folded note. Adhere. (Note-make sure that both sides of your gift are equal distances from the center of your card---if not, your card will not close properly.)

Add a bow above your package, adhere with tacky tape to your card.

Snowman Card - Reindeer in the Dark - Star of David Folded Card
Pop-Up Package Card - Star of David Cut-Out Card - Holly Card

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Craft Knife
Tacky Tape
Glue Stick

Foldover Card
Decorative Paper