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star of david cut-out card

Star of David Cut-Out Card

Print the pattern from your computer. Enlarge or reduce it as desired.

Trace the star onto cover weight paper, and cut out using an x-acto knife or scissors. To add more sparkle, we added glitter to the star.

Cut a 2" square in the front of your card to form a "window." Using glitter glue, add a glitter frame to the window if you choose.

Cut a text weight paper to line the inside panel of your card. (To get these dimensions, measure the size of your card folded shut. Cut your paper a 1/4" shorter than this dimension on both the length and the width.) Adhere with a glue stick, and center in your card.

Place a pop-up glue dot to the back of the star, and adhere to the inside of your card, making sure the star is centered in the window of your card.

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Pop Up Glue Dot
Glue Stick

Foldover Card
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