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witch over moon card

Witch Over Moon with lined envelope

  1. Print the witch pattern from your computer. (The template is made to fit the circle card-reduce or enlarge pattern if you choose.)
  2. Cut out template and carefully tape to a sheet of black paper. Trace around the template with pencil.
  3. Remove template. With scissors or razor knife and cutting mat, cut out the witch shape.
  4. Attach the witch to the Stardream Gold circle card with glue stick or double-sided tape.
  1. Trace the 5 3/4" envelope liner template with pencil onto the Orange Black Harlequin decorative paper.
  2. Cut with scissors.
  3. Slide decorative paper into envelope, center, and adhere with glue stick or double-sided tape.

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FREE download:
Witch Pattern PDF

Razor Knife or scissors
cutting mat
Tacky Tape or Glue Stick
Envelope Liner Template Kit

Black Cover
Stardream Gold Circle Flat Card
Orange Black Harlequin Paper
5 3/4" Square Black Envelope