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So this is I think my really truly favoritest thing. These are wonderful, they're called paper mache, they're not really, exactly. They're made in the Philippines, and they're really beautifully shapes, we have a whole bunch of different shapes that in it of themselves are quite lovely. We have ornaments and things that you can just hang in your windows, there are so many shapes, and you can see them all on the website. But then, wait till you see what you can do with glitter. Isnít that just unbelievably beautiful? And here's a nice big flat star that is just magnificent. And then thereís the great big ones, and the little ones, and it goes on and on and on. And what I want to do is show you how easy it is to glitter them. And it can be a long afternoon project and you can do a whole bunch of them. You need a little drying time between colors, but let me clear off some of these wonderful big ones. I mean, picture this in a big window, it'd just be fabulous.

So, here are some ideas for some ornaments. And you can see on this one it's two colors and we did it unevenly, so two panels are one color, and one panel's another color. And here this one is where it was just down the ribs. Itís just amazing how much fun you can have. Let me show you this one again, this one is each of the triangles is a separate color, so it's tiny tricky to do, but not really. Maybe we should start out, let me show you how to do that one. what you need is PVA, how could we live without it, and you could use a big brush, if you're doing one of the big stars you're going to want a foam brush like this, but if you're doing something like this, you're going to want a little brush. And all you do is coat the piece that you want. And so Iím very carefully coating just the piece that I want. And if it goes off the edge, make sure you clear it off because you donít want one color glitter where it doesnít belong. And you can probably do two or three at a time, or you can do one at a time. Just make sure there's plenty of PVA on your surface. so there, Iíve got a nice thick coat and now Iím going to pick, I should have done this first, I'm going to color, here's one called fuchsia that is really bright, woo, my kind of Christmas. and Iím just going to put it on, you donít have to use your fingers, you can use any device that you want, and you just bang it around, and you want it to really saturate and cover completely. Because once you do one color, you're not going to go back to that color. And I mean, isnít that just insanely intense? And obviously I could have done so many more, but I want to show you some more techniques. and so here is a round ball and one of the things we've discovered is this wonderful little red tape, Iím not going to use this wide one, I think Iím going to use the narrower one. It comes in many different widths and if you were to paint your ball, if you were to paint your ball, come back here, you could paint it one color and you could complete it by putting a little layer or this tape right around the middle which you could then make into another color. And so what Iím doing is just this, and the trick is to have it line up at the end, and I did it, pretty darn well. Iím going to pull off the carrier, which is protecting it from being exposed. I always manage to look incompetent. Iím sure you canít really see it much, but you get out another piece, uh oh, better to have had it done ahead of time. This is how I always do things. Get out another piece of paper and another color. And letís just pretend I have painted this with gold paint. And now Iím going to put a red stripe around it. And so you can see this can be lots and lots of yummy layers on these things. And so here goes this. And because itís a roll of tape itís going to conform to a very straight line that I could have never painted. I could have painted a wobbly line just fine, but never this straight of a line. So again Iím just scooping this glitter up and putting it on the tape. It would have been darling if I had painted the ball white. And nice solution. Oh I see some spots I missed. Isnít that amazing, the precision. It really looks like I knew what I was doing, and all it is a layer of tape. And obviously I could go down and around and I could make all sorts of designs with that. actually I donít know why Iím treating that carefully, once it's on, it's on, it's quite excellent. So then there's one more technique before we finish all this. And thatís on this one, where you see it's all one color and then a fine line of another color. And all that is is another layer of again, either glue on the ridge or a real fine layer of tape. Either one would work. And here I have a swirly one, you can imagine that after a day or an afternoon of glittering what you want to do is take a nice hot bath. So that's pretty darn good, and I think you're also noticing how incredibly far the glitter goes. You think you're putting a lot on, but it's really a tiny tiny amount compared to the amount that's in the jar. Alright. Okay, maybe ill do fuchsia because I have this great big mess with fuchsia so that will be fun. Get my tape here. And so once again Iím going to put the fuchsia all over. And if you were to buy an ornament like this it would be so expensive and you would be stuck with red and green and gold and silver. And instead you can be creative and have some really wonderful looks. This is something that I think if you have a big bowl it'd probably be easier than having a piece of paper like this, especially if you wanted to do a whole bunch of them. Doing stuff like this really brings out the kid in you. And I think this is a great project for kids. You might want to do it outside with kids. So there you go, it's completely glittered, I need to bang all the excess, and if you don't bang it off, youíre going to end up with the glitter falling all over the floor when you decorate your tree. Isnít that gorgeous all by itself? This is not so gorgeous, and there you are. Glittering on stars! By the way, you'll see it in our thanksgiving catalog, we did gourds, we just went to the grocery store and bought, you know gourds and glittered them. I can't tell you how wonderful they are. It's the kind of thing you can do a whole lot of, it's really really really really really fun and have a great day and do something creative the whole bloody day.