One of the things that I am so very very proud of is that the Fetzer Institute, this wonderful not for profit sort of think tank place is Kalamazoo Michigan has begun a campaign that they call the Campaign for Love and Forgiveness. They have enlisted enthusiastic support of the American Library Association, 6 PBS, Paper Source, and, and we are all trying mightily to get this entire letter writing campaing going and in the hearts of everyone in the United States, everyone in the world, everyone in the entire planet. There's a wonderful program that is coming out in PBS in the month of November, I've seen it, it's so moving and so wonderful. Everyone should see it, we will post the times on our website when we can. But it would probably be better to go to the PBS website. The American Library Association will have wonderful information. We came up with this kit with tips on letter writing, early focus is on love, and as you know, the greatest of these, faith, hope and love, the greatest is love. that will be followed next year by the forgivenes piece which is equally as wonderful. so we've done these letter writing kits. which are on our website, we're donating them to the American Library Association and in other areas. And in them are these wonderful phrases that we will hope will be excellent stimulation to everyone writing letters.