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My favoritest things! Magical fairy wands. I don't know if they're for kids, or for me, but I've decided to flutter around for the rest of my life waving magic wishes to people. This is our newest, favoritest kit. You have three choices, blue with sort of silvery orbs, and this really charming, really girly one, and then this magical gold one, one for every girl in your life. They come in a great kit that comes with a blank wand, and all the instructions and all the wonderful stuff. The first thing you have do is pain the wand. Take this nasty little stuff off, it doesn't need to be there. So Iíll just turn of over and pretend it's not there. I use little brushes like this all the time, I use them because I want to throw them away. If you like brushing brushes, great, but this works fine. You just dip it, and you get a little bit of this beautiful gold paint, and you will first paint the entire thing. you're just going to cover the entire surface with this, including the handle, including the edges, you want it to be really shiny, it's basically already dry, it dries that fast. and you're going to just keep coating it and when you're all done with covering the star, then you're going to cover it with glitter. I always recommend having a piece of paper under you when you're working with glitter because you donít want to waste the glitter, you want to keep scooping it and using it again and again and again. So you want to do this whole thing, there we go. And now because Iím about to, here's our nice piece of paper, you won't be able to see it well enough, and Iíll use this pink one. Now we're going do the glitter, Iím going to put this last little dab of paint on it, in anticipation of wanting the glitter to stick to something. So Iím going to do this, and sprinkle the glitter on. And again, because of my paper, I don't have to worry about anything. Iím just going to give it a little tap to make sure it's really stuck. And if you want to turn it over and do it on the other side, if you put it down here, it's just going to wear off. If you have too much glitter, lucky you, just save it for the next day. So then there's you're glitter part all done. And then the fun thing is all these crystals in red. And they are really wonderfully done because they have an adhesive back. This part is really hard for a little kid to do. Youíre going to probably end up having to do it yourself for whoever it is. But they're not going to mind; actually this is hard for an adult if they're as clumsy as I am. And you're just going to put them along the side like that. I donít know if you can see how cute that is. And youíre going to slowly cover the edge with all these wonderful little red crystals. and then just hold it like this, and put it one and then Iím going to scatter the sizes all along, so now Iím going to put a big one here, and then a big one up here, and then some big ones here. And youíre going to slowly cover the whole edge, Iím not going to bore you watching me do this, it's a rather time consuming, but oh so worth it. You can put them on the front, but see this finished one, all the different sizes, all along the edges, it's just so cute. Then when you're all done with that, is the last part, the fairy magic wand part, this is the part the kids love to flick. so you get your three different cords with the two ends together and youíre going to lay it down like this and tie a knot, to make it stay in place, tighten that knot, stick it up there, pull it really tight, make a bow and there you are. Wonderful magical wand. and then just to make sure it has all it's magic, find a frog, Iím sorry, a toad, tap it three times, tap it three times, this one's not working well for me. Sometimes when I tap it, a wonderful handsome prince appears. Maybe it needs the finished one, not my lucky day, hope it's yours, happy wanding!