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So we're going to talk about gluing, it's kind of a foundational skill. Hereís our PVA, which we're very fond of. Specially formulated for paper. Which when you buy it, thereís just some white powder inside and you think huh, is this a drug show or something? But it isnít, we use it with the PVA it extends the drying time and make it's slippier easier to center the paper with it. Itís also reversible which a nice feature is. The first thing you do is fill it with hot water, I donít know if you can see the steam, but it's really hot. That is what dissolves the methyl cell and then you add an equal amount of cold water to even it out and then it thickens to a sort of muck. So there's that. And then the PVA, Iíve already transferred one into a container. Putting glue in this type of container makes gluing very easy. But I will caution you, that the mixture once you add this to it, has a shelf life. So you donít want to make a huge amount. keep this separate, keep this separate, so here's my mixed PVA, 60% of my mix and Iím going to add 40% of this, its not rocket science, I think I put a little too much in, but well see. You can always fix your measurement, if I had too little PVA I can add more, if I had too little methyl cell I can add more of that too. So here we go, perfect bookbinding mixture. Link: video