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I'm not supposed to say anything is my favoritest thing anymore, but you know what, this is one of my favoritest things. I love origami, this is one of our new little origami kits. We designed all the paper, theyíre all two sided, and they're just the cutest thing. And the scale is good for little small projects. Sort of like a little vase, itís a wonderful little shape. Here we go, see we're learning coordination. Weíre learning coordination and there we are. So you just go point to point and it should perfectly bisect the little corners, a bone folder is very helpful, very helpful. Then you do this, it also helps you with your memory if you are my age. And then again crease it like this so this is your first step and then comes your second step. So then you open it up and have the point of this, hit the point where that fold is. Again more coordination required, and you start to learn the logic of all this. Bone fold it, now Iím using a different bone folder, I like to look like Iíve multi-tooled. And you open that up, well actually you donít have to open that up, you can just go like this, and then. Origami is not for the faint of heart. Letís see what do I do next. Well I did mine backwards, thereís always sort of a clown in the group. So this is the part I did, and now I take this point and attach it to this point. Look at that, I did it all on my very own, with the help of a model. Then again the bone folder and then you have this cute little vase thing and see how wonderful it is to have a two way paper. So you can open it up like that to put on a card and fill it, or if you want, take this point, score it, again using your bone folder and you can tuck it into this extra thing right here, and just flip it in like this and now you have a little, well it didnít work. Oh yes it did, there it is, there you are. Isnít that cute? And you can fill this little sucker with all sorts of things, you could make a card out of it, you could fill it with flowers, some pretty little flowers that you could just stick right in there. Sort of an automatic mothers day, a cute thing. You could do a project like this, which is just a zigzag card in a little folder and just write a little note in there and then use this on the cover. You can go right like that and just glue it on, or you could put one of our little great little expressions, Iím sure you have all see them ad nausea, they come with these great little expressions written on the back all the different phrases, and you can just pick one of these to stick in, here Iím going to use kiss because thatís a good sounding thing. It's a little big so Iím going to make it a little smaller, donít forget theyíre yours, you can do what you want with them. Iím going to just tuck that in here. Iíll take off the flowers and there. Isnít that the cutest thing? I just love this stuff, I just love it. Anyway, these are wonderful, the expressions. I actually designed them initially to be a part of a wedding table thing, so you would mount it on a larger piece of paper and you would have it as your wedding table names. But we found they are useful for everything, and for card making, they are divine. Isnít that cute? You know what it needs? It needs one little flower. And obviously youíre going to glue it in, and isnít that a wonderful treat for somebody that you love.

Now we're going to make another origami shape. This is a box, we'll see how much I can mess this one up. Ok now I'm going to do a little box, that's not so difficult so you just fold your paper in half, and then you turn it and you fold it in half. Let me bone fold that just to, the more crisp your folds are, the better it is. So now Iím going to turn it the other direction, again, bone fold it, then you fold the points in. See and you're learning, actually you probably aren't learning, but your kids could be learning a wonderful thing about triangles. We have a great little childrenís book on origami that I really recommend. So triangles are one of those great little shapes that everyone should know about and how they work in origami. The other thing you learn about in origami is itís a step-by-step process, you canít eliminate one of the steps, if you do, it doesnít work. You have to follow directions. All these things that kids arenít really that good at, and some of us adults arenít so hot at either. So, so thatís how your basic beginning shape will look. Then you fold into the center, everything is converging into that center point. Again, bone fold it, really really well. And then this direction, another thing with origami paper, it has to be really nice crisp folds. This paper does, itís very easy to work with. Then you open that up and you fold again in the other direction. And you could do this also with the 12x12 papers and make a much bigger box. Maybe we'll get around to that, and you fold this side in, and again bone fold it really well. And thatís all the folding that you do, the next part is the assembling.

Folding done, now we have to try to make this into a box. So the first thing you do is you open your points, like this, fold it in like this and then like this. Now again, really crease it tightly. And now those become the sides to the box and now Iím going to take this and go like this and like this and like this and like this and like this and magically you get one side to work and Youíre very happy, turn it around and it's the same drill, the trick is these little corner pieces, I hope you can see that, that you just sort of. You know what I forgot to do, I forgot to bone it hard enough so now Iím having trouble, so Iím going to try it here, now I have to go back to this section. Perfect. I always have trouble with the last piece. And there we go. And you have a cute cute little box. You know if your kid has a party, you guys could sit around and make little boxes for your party favors. As a matter of fact, I think thatís what this one's missing, candy for me! One of the nice things about origami is in theory you never have to use glue. Let me just say thatís a theory, but when youíre working with kids, be generous, on this you could just take a little sticker, and stick it in the bottom and then you donít have to worry about their little box ever falling apart. So let me try to make the same box in a 12x12. So here's the 12x12, same drill, exactly the same steps, only when its big, the finished product is bigger. So here I am, Iím using a bone folder, the 12x12 paper is a little thicker so you have to be a little more assiduous in your boning. Again precision is important, each step one at a time. Again, bone fold it carefully, and then each corner goes into the very center point. Again, we are learning about triangles. And all of these different types of folds are the basic structure of all origami. Iíll show you the book when Iím done with this, the little basic childrenís book. There are other complex books on origami that would be so much fun for you to be involved with once you decide that this is one of your favorite things. Oops, not quite perfect, let me just ease that up, so. As before this is the basic fundamental shape, with the four pieces coming in, and you just fold this into the center, and you again bone it very hard. Turn it around, and do the same thing. And then you repeat it in the other direction, again over and over again. This is a very important part. Neither of these two patterns by the way, are in the book, theyíre just ones that we sort of have a lot of fun with around here. So now we have all the folding is completed, and all thatís left is the assembly of the project and thatís where I always good up, so we go. So now you open it up, fold these in, these become the sides so itís really important to be very tough on those points, and those become those little sidewalls. You notice already how much bigger it is. And you, I donít know if you can see this, you just tilt the little pieces in, this gets titled in like that and you have one side done. And you turn it around, those get folded in, this goes like this, and isnít that the cutest thing? Oops. Stay. Iím going to have to bone this to make it perfect. Oops oops oops. Okay there's our perfect little box. Notice on this one, the opposite side of the paper doesnít even show so you can use one sided paper for these projects, the little vase thing was great because it showed both sides, a lot of origami patterns show both sides.

This is the book I was telling you about, it's a Japanese book, tons of projects in here, one of my favorites it, look at those cute flowers, arenít those wonderful? This wonderful little crab, I think itís the cutest thing! Anyways, its a great book, I love our origami papers, I think theyíre as cute as can be, have fun folding!