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So it's party time. I love parties, I love birthday parties even more, unless it's mine, and then I hate them, but kids' birthday parties are the best of all. They have no inhibitions, anything you do they think is fabulous, and so decorating for a kids' party is probably the easiest and most exciting thing you can do. And they never look at it and say 'Mom, couldn't you have stayed in the lines?' So you can just have as much fun as possible. What we're going to right now are these wonderful little things that stick in things like hot dogs and cupcakes. They're sort of like a quick way to give your party so much character. So I want to show you a couple different ones. You know how I just love photographs, so I'm going to show you how to do some photograph ones. I have a whole bunch of photos here, I don't like to see anything that I would call serious, so these are wonderful photographs of Michael who has put on his goofiest face ever. And I'm going to put a hat on Michael. So you know, if you're going to do these for all the cupcakes in the party, you're going to want one for obviously every single cupcake. So first we're going to cut these out. I have three, six, nine, twelve, so we're going to have twelve kids at this party. So first I want to cut it out and let's hope I don't need those, and then you're going to just trim around the outside, and take off the extraneous part. I'm just making it tidier; it makes it actually more fun. Then I'm going to make the hat. The hat, there's no template or anything for the hat, I'm just going to show you how to do it. The reason there's no template is because every photograph is going to be a completely different size so get a piece of paper approximately the right size like this, and then you put your little guy on it like this, and you can just sketch in a hat. So the hat would go from the side of his head, up like this and then down. And then you just sort of draw your end marks. Then you just cut it like that, then just trim it, have fun. Don't worry, anything you do will be cute. Of course I made this a very tight curl which is the kind of thing you may want to use an exacto knife as opposed to a scissors, but this will work. You notice one thing I do is I hold the scissors pretty much still, and I turn the hat to go into the scissors. I was really good at cutting, I got an A in kindergarten. It's not hard, so here's the trick, if I put this on Michael here it's really dumb looking so what I want to do is I want to make an arc there. All you do is you just go like this, and then stick it on his head, and it fits! Actually his head sticks out a little on the side, so here's what you do, you just cut off a little of his head. He's a real cute kid, he's not going to mind. So then you just put the hat on, like that. And I'm going to need a glue stick which I have right over here, and you just glue that on you can do it this way, or you could decorate the hat first, it's really your choice. But I'm going to put it on so you can see how well that hat fits Michael. It's cute, it's really cute. Then the fun thing is to decorate it, you could get all twelve of these to this step, then you could take, you know, these are the Soufflé pens, I just use the plain old red pain on this, but I could now, how about purple? No, okay, purple. So I'm going to put little purple dots on this one, and you just, uh oh, it's got that little stopper thing on it. So you just do this and make your little polka dots, and you just keep going and going until you've got the whole hat filled up. It's probably one commercial's worth, it's the kind of thing you can just sit by the television. If you've got a really creative kid, have them help put the polka dots on. You know, when kids bring all those silly pictures home from school, no matter how messy they are, they adore them so anything they do on this hat, they're going to think is the best. So don't ask them or expect them to be making perfect circles or whatever, they can just have fun. So there's Michael's purple dots, and then of course I've got my stickles here, I put stickles on everything. These stickles take a long time to dry, so this is the kind of thing, if you do it at nine o'clock at night and put them on a shelf, they'll be ready in the morning. So I'll get this one ready, and I'll just put a dot in the middle, it's not going to show a lot on this, but see how fast this is? It's just unbelievable. It just goes so fast. But on birthday night or birthday day you're going to add just enough glitter to make it exciting. Of course theoretically I can't even touch it because it's so wet. But I'll manage. So then, you want to get a toothpick, I'm going to use a really short one, and I'm going to put it on the back, see this is where I don't plan ahead so I can't put this down. What I'm going to do is get a little round sticker, ah I found them. And these are so handy, and I'm just going to use it as my glue. So I'm going to put my sticker on like this, and then this on the back, and I can touch his face because there are no stickles on that. So now he's ready. I'm just going to grab on these cupcakes again just to show you, how cute he looks sitting right in the middle of that cupcake. Isn't he the cutest? I love it.

And now I'm going to do these hotdog guys. You just take, you know a rubber stamp, this is the monkey. We have some of the cutest little animal rubber stamps online that are just perfect for kids' parties. Anyways, so I'm just going to ink it, his toes didn't get done. And I'm just going to, and it's cover weight, which makes it good, and then I'm going to press down hard, and shake the table, there, that's cute. And then if I wanted to, I could emboss it. And of course I'd be happy to emboss everything in the whole wide world. I'll use this as my dumping pad, and I'm going to get rid of the excess powder. And then I'm going to turn on my thing, which it's going to take a while to heat up. But then you just simply aim it right here. So there's that. And again as I said, it creates raised lines which makes doing this stuff so much easier. I think I'll give him a little pink belly. This is so much doing, and I won't spend too much time, let me just get rid of some of these, notice how they just move automatically? Pink tummy, I wish this white worked better, I would love to get little white teeth, and it's not working very well. I love these Soufflé pens, but I think I must have grabbed some old ones. Goodbye white. How about green eyes? That'd be fun. Anyways, you can see that all this stuff is just and opportunity to have a lot of fun. And then, like these, you just cut it out, and stick it on a pick, and stick it right in there. I love coloring so I would spend an hour coloring this sucker. I'm not going to cut this out, you get the picture. Anyways, so there are a bunch of fun little guys, let's pretend this hotdog is over here, maybe I'll eat it. Aren't they the cutest things? I just love these little picks. You know you can use then for the main course, or the dessert. Oh these are some darling little ones that we made for a baby shower. They're little bottles. They're so cute, and you could go much further on these, and decorate these to your heart's content as well. You just fill in, oh that's a cute little touch. Or my favorite stickles. So there's that idea. And then, one of my favorite things are these wonderful little drinking straws. And it's just these cute little rubber stamps again, and you can just be thematic, so this would be either Michael or Jason or one of these party animals, this cute little dinosaur, or whatever you want, then you just enjoy. I'm pretending it's a margarita. Ole! Have a fun time with your kids' party. At least this part, I'll show you more soon.