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I'm sure you're like all of us and you have extras of wonderful stuff around. And sometimes you wonder what to do with it. This cute, cute, I think it's cute enough to buy this stuff directly for, but if you've got some extra petal envelopes, it's just the cutest thing you've ever seen. So here it is, it's a petal accordion kit. And this one is using ribbon, although I'll show you how to do it without ribbon. And you open it up, and this one is folding this way, but it can easily fold this way too, which is another way. So it's the accordion or roll up. And you make it with three petal envelopes. This is the challenge for me to figure out how to do it. But you figure out what you're going to do so here's one. And then this one is the top, I'm so lame at this stuff, you can't believe it, but I think I've got it. There we go, yup, so this goes on top of this, like this. And I don't know if you can see carefully, but I'm leaving a little separation between petal envelope A and petal envelope B so that you can fold them. So I'm going to use a glue stick because I love purple. And it's just a matter of scribbling it on. When you use a glue stick, you're introducing moisture to your project so that's a possible reason to not use it. You can also use double stick tape, which won't introduce moisture. But I want to send this one directly through the mail so I line them up, and there you go, I've left my little space. And I'm rubbing this down, now I have two of my three. And now because I'm going to roll it up using that form, I want to see whether or not, yeah I want to have white in the middle so that the curry and the chocolate are on the two ends. I think it will make a nice looking and more masculine presentation because I'm going to send Brian back his CD in this and I don't want it to look too cute. So I'm folding this one up, and now it goes like this. So again I want to line it up with that little space, and I'm going to put the glue on this. Notice how I always have to do things twice, I always check first, not everyone has to do that, but I do. It's one of the advantages of age. There now I'm ready, and this goes on top, there we go, I need to separate it a little teeny bit more, perfect. And I don't know if you can see this well enough, but there's a nice little separation between each envelope.

So now I'm going to seal all of my petals closed. You can either do it with a label on each one, and that's an opportunity to tell the person what's inside, so I could say on this one, so I could say, 'Thanks for the CD!', and it would go in like this. And then this one I could put, you should see this picture I have of Brian, it is so bad. He's wearing my wig. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. And there goes this one, and then the last one goes up here. And if this were to a guy, then I would probably do that ribbon closing that is so pretty, then I say something silly about the photograph, then maybe I'd put a little note in here or something like that. So I'm going to now poke two little holes in here, and use a hole punch. And I want them fairly close together, like that. You know, I was supposed to poke one hole and then do my famous little loopy d loop like this, which is a great way to do it. If you put in two holes by mistake, let me show you another solution, so you just put your two little holes in like this, and I'm going to want them both coming out this side. There's an advantage to doing things wrong because then you can really exercise your creativity. Don't believe me, I'm lying. So there they are about the right length. And now this is going to go like this, I have this, I'm going to tie a knot in it, and I'm going to turn it around. And again, if it's going to a girl, you're going to treat it in a different way, for a guy, he's not going to want a bow, so I'm going to show you, I'm just going to do it on this side, and I'm just going to put it right here, and do it a little tiny knot. Which is going to look much masculine, I think he'll get a better kick out of it. I'm really making a mess of this, but you'll see when I'm all done, that it didn't make that much difference, the whole point is to be having fun. There we are. And I don’t know what Uncle Sam will say about this going through the mail, but I think he's going to be very pleased. So I could put a sticker right over the ribbon like this, with Brian's name on it, I've learned my lesson, I'm going to make sure it's straight before I wreck anything. And ready for the Post Office, pretty cute, I'll put my stamp right here, Brian is getting his CD back. He's thinking mm Sue's a creative one. The Post Office is not so happy and the mail carrier thinks cool. Do something creative every day guys! Bye!