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One of the wonderful little things that really set the tone at a wedding are table cards, place cards and escort cards. And thereís so much confusion, let me just go over the definition. A tent card which we did is the item that identifies the number of the table. So if you have 12 tables its table 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. And you donít need a table tent if itís open seating. If you donít care where anyone sits you donít need any of this. But if you care, you need to identify them using these table tents; you can do it in many different ways. Then you can have an escort card. The difference between an escort card and a place card is the function. This is an escort card; it will escort you to your table. Henry Moore knows that he is supposed to go to table 7. Now when he gets to table seven which is identified by this, I think thatís a six, but we'll pretend itís a seven. Then when Henry Moore gets to that table he will sit anywhere, or there will be place cards at the table that identify where Henry Moore sits. so you can have an escort card and open seating at table seven, you can have plain old open seating where everyone sits where they want, or Henry Moore can go to table 7 and find his place card which will be one of these, that would say his name. And those you just do by writing his name. And now you donít have to say that its table 7 because thereís already a table tent. Escort card escorts you to your table. Place card identifies which place on the table, you can have just place cards, but itís very confusing if you have 12 tables or ten places, thatís 120 places people have to wander around trying to find their place card. Plus, if youíve been a thoughtful hostess you have arranged your tables with groups of people who know each other or who you think will have an exciting time sitting together. Thereís all these things to consider And then thereís the concept or your theme or your color scheme. Or another opportunity for this exciting beauty you can create. Which is the purpose of all Paper Sourceís colors. Paper Source loves that kind of stuff. so lets talk about this, so this is an escort card that we have printed on the computer and the name of the couple identifies that they have to go to table 5 and we have taken a piece of our Flora and Fauna series paper glued on. So hereís a plain one, and this piece is Zyroned on to this section of it, and that is done after it has gone through the computer. So that requires some cutting skills and some computer skills. You can also do it where you donít have the, you can do this by hand, some people have lovely handwriting, if you don't Iím sure your friend does. Or you can get a calligrapher. So thatís one style. Another style on an escort card which is a little more formal is the 'you are seated at cards' which we sell a large variety of color and font. So this is a san serif, this is a script, this is another script. And now Iím either going to hand write the table number, or you can use some of Paper Sources wonderful little number sets. This is a lovely classic, itís our favorite, they also come in an italic number set. And its one through zero, and obviously a one and a two together is table twelve, and if itís a really big wedding you can do two and four together and itís twenty four. Now Iím going to just put this number on here, and itís just a matter of stamping it, and then you have your escort card. And this is what escorts people to their seat. Then what, then you put it in an envelope and the envelope you write the persons name. And Iím writing Jimmy Marcus and now it goes on the board, or it can go simply on a table.

Iíll show you something really cute. you can make them completely yourself, and just take our standard business cards, which come as you know in a million bazillion colors so you just pick a color that suits your look, and we have rubber stamps that say 'you are seatedí, Iíve lost it in this mess. So this is one thatís in italic, Iím sorry this is one thatís in script and so it matches this one. And then again what you do is you stamp 'you are seated' on the card and you can do this way ahead of time even before youíve figured out who is sitting where because this is what goes in the envelope. And then this goes on top, and try to center it from side to side, again have plenty of extra cards so you donít have to worry. So there it is, itís very subtle, very lovely. And now Iím going to do the number and thatís almost really more important, and this time Iím going to do it in this nice green.

You notice I didnít clean off my stamp in between, too much work. So now Iím going to center this, and remember this is the important piece. and there it is, and its really cute and now Iím going to take these little number one baby envelope, they are so cute they come in many colors, but Iím going to use the moss green one. And again, now I have to write the persons name. I think Iím going to invite myself. Sometimes you have to practice ahead of time to make sure the whole name gets in, it looks kind of weird if you have to continue the name on the back. Thereís my cute little you are seated card.

If you are really a person who has a lot of energy and wants to make everything perfect you can then either stamp this or this with extra beautiful little rubber stamping images. These are examples of this wonderful rubber stamping on the card. This is good old Henry Moore at table seven, very subtle. This is a great idea. This is from this wonderful book that we carry at Paper Source and there are just wonderful ideas. I would recommend as many of them as possible for your wedding. There are lots of wedding books and the trick is to coordinate it to your specialties. I do miss Julia Childs, she was hero in flinging it over her shoulder. I think that wraps it up. These are all rubber stamps, this darling little one has little flowers put into it. These are one place you can go hog wild with creativity. Be creative this is a wonderful opportunity.