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One of my favorite things is to use your own images in your own work. And I don't think anyone does it enough, I just love to see things personalized. So right now I'm going to work on Curtis. This super cute dog. And so I've imported the photograph of Curtis from a camera to a computer, to the copying machine. It's all way too technical for me, but for those of you who are smart, it's not so hard. So I start out with the photograph, click, took that to the computer, that goes to the machine to print. And what I do is the first one on plain paper, plain old cheap paper, I want to see the scale, I want to see how the colors are, I want to see the placement, if I want to make an accordion book which I'm going to, I want to be able to say 'look if I put this on top, I fold it around, remember it's just cheap copy paper, and then I can say it fits perfectly'. Then the next decision after I pick my photograph, figure out the scale, and the place on paper, then I have to figure out what paper to print it on. And we have some wonderful choices at Paper Source. So it really depends on what your project is. This is one of our favorite papers, this is 300 pound luxe paper, and it comes in white and cream. It's very heavy, and it's actually the paper we use for wedding invitations. And it has a beautiful texture, the weight is incredible, and it actually goes through most copy machines which have what is called a straight feed. If it has to go all like that in the machine, it will never work, but if you have a straight feed kind of inkjet machine it works beautifully. So this is Curtis on 300 pound luxe, this is Curtis on our photo paper which is a secret. It's made exactly the same way that all the big guys are, the only difference is, sad to say, alas, the price. You win, it's glossy, the gloss is fabulous if you want it to look exactly like a photograph. So here we have Curtis, 300 pound luxe. Do note the difference in the color, see how beautiful the cream is and how it enriches the background and his fur? So that's another thing. One of our newest babies is linen. It's from France, it's paper backed, so you can use it all of your bookbinding projects. This is Curtis on white, and this is Curtis on cream. And again I think, as you can see, that again, the cream is the better choice for Curtis. But these are wonderful papers, believe me, this is real linen on real paper and really went through this machine about an hour ago. If I can do it, you can do it. It's just a spectacular breakthrough. And then this is Curtis as a magnet. This is one of our favorite things, it's magnet, I don't know what it is, but it sticks. It's a magnet, and it went through this machine and it's perfect for cutting. Let's see if I can find the scissors, well I can't. One will show up magically. You can cut these little guys, when you do your Save the Dates and send them to people, and they can put it on their refrigerator. It really sticks fabulously, and it's a magnet, I don't know whatever magnets do, they don't stick, but they cling. Anyways, so watch this, this is magic. The magnetic material is thick enough so that you can put it through the machine and stick to stuff. Again, it is in white, so you'll think of wonderful little things, I don't know if this is a magnet, the world's made out of plastic these days, but this is the magnet and it's great. So you can send it to your friends, you can put all sorts of great things on top of your refrigerator. And this last one is just another one of our favorite papers, the Mohawk Superfine White and Soft White. Which is a beautiful quality papers which also comes in these soft tones and it makes a wonderful album page as well. So those are all the difference things so let me show how to use these using our photo cards. So here's one of our little photo cards, and you know, I love it when people do it a little more creatively, and don't use the whole image. So what I'm going to do is take my thing here and I'm going to trace the positioning. So you see I've put Curtis right in the center and now I'm going to just do this around it and mark where the fold is, and now you can see I think the line here and I'm just going to freehand cut this because it works. But obviously if this were a finished project, I'd want to use a straight edge, and doing a beautiful job, but for right now this will work. And one of the advantages of doing it this way is that when the card opens, instead of just the little thing, they get the whole cute puppy. You'll see in a minute, I love that. Look at Curty, isn't he cute? So you open this up and you put him right in the middle, like this, and just make sure that he fits. I've cut the paper too big so we won't fit. Isn't it nice that I can show you all the mistakes because I've made them? Cut this a little smaller so It will fold. There's a new book out on Julia Childs that I'm dying to read, she's sort of my hero, she's just the best. So now I'm going to put double faced tape on this, I'm using this back and this red tape which is totally unnecessary for this kind of thing because it just needs to be an expensive tape. I'm just putting this in place, it's sticking out a little on the bottom, but that's no problem, just cut it off. So now you can see what it looks like, like this, and then when you close it, isn't it the cutest? Remember sometimes the best parts of a photograph is a little element and you can spotlight it with these wonderful little cards. And then on top of it, they get the entire image. And this is right out of a copy machine! You can do wonderful things, Christmas, or whatever. There are so many other kinds of things that you can do with photography. This is Curtis as a pillow box! This 300 pound luxe paper that we make our pillow boxes out of, let me open one of these up and show you, opening things is always a trick for me, I'm not very good at figuring out obstacles, ah ha! But they come unmade without the tape being put together. We do that on purpose so you can work on it flat and decorate it, but then realized it can go right into your machine. Sometimes you have to tape it onto a carrier sheet, and let me just give you a hint on that. Let's just pretend this is the plain sheet, and you've put it in like this, and tape it to this sheet with the leading edge taped. As a matter of fact, I'll just show you. We don't need that little photograph of Curtis down there. And again, this only works if you have a machine that takes heavy heavy weight papers. So I'm attaching this, oh, and the other thing is that you look at the photograph and you see well it's going to work perfectly, and you can figure it out ahead of time. Now I'm going to show you how to attach this, and this is the edge that goes into the machine. We struggled before putting it on this edge and it was just a mess, but if you put it in on this edge through the machine like that. Accordion books are wonderful, here's an accordion book of Curtis, with the front cover, and you see it's just that linen cloth, it's just cut to size. You just take one of our accordion and you just, I'm sure you remember, you glue this to this page, glue that, and then you put the back cover on and then you have a wonderful little accordion book. These are the kinds of things that can make the holidays just fabulous. You show me somebody who doesn't want their dog on an accordion book and I'll show you somebody who is dead. It's just the best thing. And speaking of that, this 300 pound is big, but it could be a postcard you could send through the mail, if I had multiple images they could be gift tags that I could just cut out. Photographs of your friends are the best thing to be creative with. Don't forget! Do Something Creative Every Day! Link: video