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How To Make a Ribbon Flower Card

We love the idea of making cards for friends and loved ones whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just because. With a few card making techniques and a selection of card making supplies and embellishments, you'll be able to create handmade cards anytime an occasion arises. Here we've layered different colored paper and used unexpected materials like ribbon and brads for a fun dimensional look.

Handmade Flower Card

Beet A2 Folded Card
Poppy Text Weight Paper
Strawberry Text Weight Paper
Chartreuse Brads
1/4" Satin Ribbon Chartreuse
5 Point Shape Hole Punch
1/8" Hole Punch
Zots Dots - Memory Small


  1. Begin by punching out your flower shapes - you'll need three 5 point shapes from the poppy text weight paper and three 5 point shapes from the strawberry text weight paper.
  2. Create three piles each with one poppy text punch and one strawberry text punch.
  3. Take one pile of punches with the poppy punch on top of the strawberry punch, and line them up. Use the 1/8" hole punch to punch through the center of both shapes in one movement. Secure with a chartreuse brad. Repeat for the second pile of shapes.
  4. For the third pile of shapes, repeat the above steps, but place the strawberry punch on top of the poppy punch. Set aside.
  5. To make the leaves for your stems, cut three 2 inch lengths of chartreuse ribbon. Fold each length in half and use Zots to adhere each leaf to the folded card estimating where you stems will be placed.
  6. To make the stems, cut two 3 inch and one 2 inch lengths of chartreuse ribbon. Use Zots to adhere each stem to the folded card, being sure to place each stem over the end of each leaf.
  7. You can attach the flowers to the card in two ways - use the brad to punch through the card then secure by opening the brad behind the card or secure the brad just to the punches and adhere to the card with Zots. The two outside flowers will be attached 3 inches above the bottom of the card; the middle flower will be attached 2 inches above the bottom of the card.

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