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Spring Bunny Card

Spring Bunny Card

  1. Begin by aligning the blossom A2 folded card horizontally, with the fold at the top. Next, take the curry 2.5 round label, and cut in half while still adhered the sticker's backing. Peel the half-circle sticker from its backing, and stick to the upper right-hand corner of the card. The flat part of the sticker will align with the fold of the card, so that the sticker resembles a sun.

  2. Next, take the bunny hole punch and punch 7 bunnies from the eco-white cover. Set aside.

  3. Use scissors to cut two 5 1/2"X1" strips of grass from the sage text and moss text.

  4. Use a glue stick to adhere the strip of grass in sage to the bottom of the blossom A2 folded card. Layer the moss grass strip on top of the sage grass strip, and glue into place.

  5. Take all five bunny punches, and place one zots dots on one side of each punch. Randomly adhere all five bunnies to the card, hiding some behind shoots of grass, while adhering others slightly above the grass as if in jumping motion, etc. Allow some bunnies to face in opposite directions for variety.

  6. Finish by using the black pen to create eyes on each bunny.

Blossom A2 folded card
Bunny hole punch
Eco-white cover
Sage text
Moss text
Curry 2.5 round labels
Zots dots memory small 300/pk
Glue stick
Black pen