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Everybody's got enough scrap paper to sink a battle ship I think so this is one of our favorite little things to do with scrap paper. Or with our wonderful little origami papers or anything you want. It's a little light switch, I'm sure you've all got a bunch of these in your home that are ugly, and now you can make them beauteous. So how does one do this? First you need a blank one, and usually they are a lovely plastique. I recommend abrading it a little bit, the rougher it is, the more easily the glue is going to stick to it. I'm doing that with this one, but you can just sort of see that the surface is a little scratchy. Regular sand paper works too.

So here it is, and now I have to decide what I'm going to cover it with. This is just a plain piece of wrapping paper, one of our wrapping papers, so you can see how cute that would be. It really depends on what your room looks like. These wonderful little origami papers with both sides are wonderful, you can cover them and recover them every month. I was playing around with Curtis, this is a cute dog. Having the light switch thing be part of his nose. This is a little more elegant, this is a copy of an antique map. You can cover it with a beautiful piece of a map, it'd be a beautiful addition to a room. I think I'm going to go with orange polka dots. Why not? The first thing you do is sort of get an idea of the size. This is a little on the big size, so I'm going to just cut it down, so that I'm only working with the amount that I need. So, I need to put the little hole in it for here, and I'm going to just trace around it so I don't have to keep going back and forth. Com ca, and then this little guy, and ill even put the little holes there. So here it is, and I'm going to do a cut here, and here, and here, and here, and here so that it can wrap around and Iím going to do little teeny cuts in here so that I can pull it around the hole for the actual thing majigger. So now Iím going to slice this, the thinner the paper, the easier all of this is. Itís a pretty forgiving system, you donít have to worry too much. I forgot one, opps. Okay, so now this is going to going like this and these are going to wrap around. You can use PVA bookbinders the combo, Iím just going to use straight PVA because itís sitting right next to me. Let me be professional and put something down. I always get carried away and do it with anything thatís sitting in front of me. Every time it moves like that I know Lindaís gasping because it got some glue on the front, but lifeís too short to be worried. Now Iím going to put a little glue on the light switch too. Linda's making faces right now, Iím surely doing something wrong but you know what its fun, donít let the pros get you down, you just have fun. Yes, thatís what I say, have fun. And besides who looks carefully at a light switch. Ohh itís stuck on, ah yes, now sheís really having a heart attack. Letís get rid of all this messy stuff. And there we are, perfectly placed almost. Okay. Now Iím just going to wrap this around like this, I have to clip off these little extra things here, never worry about this stuff you guys, it always works out in the end. Do I just cut across it like this? Just like that oh yea pretty good. Do I look like I know what Iím doing? No, that would be not so far from the truth. Donít you jut love a mess? I say the more stuff stuck to your scissors the happier you are, itís sort of a Buddhist thing. See now how nicely that just folds around like this.

Meanwhile the glue has dried on this inside so Iím going to have add a little more. Maybe not, see you just stick your finger through, poke it up, and there itís perfect. these little things sometimes needs to be held in place to glue them or you can just trim off the excess, but it doesnít matter because its against the wall. Now I'm going to take my favorite little tool and make sure its.

Donít I look like a pro? And if itís sticking up, cut it off. So cute! And you can just imagine if this was on top of this, uh oh, Iím just going to trim those little suckers off, yup, perfection. and then Iím just going to show you what it would look like if it were in place, something like that, isnít that cute? You can do this to every little wall switch in your house. Or just in your kids room, you know just have fun. Do something creative every day.