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So let's take these wonderful little Paddywax candles which are as cute as can be with their little black signature ribbon on it. I'm going to take those off because that doesnít say anything about our wedding and we're going to put for instance this band on. And you can see that immediately just by doing that it changes it from their wedding to your wedding. And to do this all you do is take a sash, you should just mark how long you want it to be, cut a little end off, save these little snippets of paper. Let me put something down, the thought of working on all this beautiful paper just makes me a little crazy so there we are. So here's my Paddywax candle, and I'm going to take this and Iím just going to turn it like this and Iím going to just turn it over and Iím going to use a piece of double stick tape, Iím going to try to use a piece of double stick tape, and Iím going to adhere it to the candle, and leave a piece so it can attach to the next piece. So there we are, a candle all dressed up waiting for a party.

Iím going to take, this is 3mm, Iíll take it three times and add a little bow on it, and my ribbon always comes off the bolt so I always end up with this kind of artistic thing. I think it's artistic. Youíve noticed that I think everything cool like that is artistic. so Iím going to put this sweet little ribbon around it, I'm going to tie a knot, I'm a knot kind of a girl, no Iíll put a bow on it because this is a wedding. Now Iíve got something that is just so cute for whether it's on the table, or in the powder room, or wherever you want to tuck something like this, next to the guestbook. It immediately starts to say something personal about your style, your wedding, and isn't it just the cutest thing? You can do it for big ones; you can do it for little ones like this. On something this little, the sash itself is way too big, I mean, you're going to start a fire. So you can just measure, so again that's plenty, let me double check, as they say cut once, measure twice, something like that. And so now I cut it into the right length, Iím going to just cut this in half, I'm going to do this by eyeball, so we have two really nice edges on either side, then your cut edge, so we'll take the nice edge and put it on the top and then using double stick tape. And this would be a really sweet thing to put at everybodyís place, not very expensive. Just think of any place that you want to put something special. See how cute that is? Itís just this little tiny candle, thereís his big brother. You can cover wonderful little vases like this the exact same technique. So here's the vase, and I have a piece of paper already cut, Iím going to show you how you can do it also so you can have a couple different looks. on this one I'm just going to use regular tape, Iím just going to put a little piece of it first here which is going to attach it to the actual vase itself, it doesnít have to be this size, it can be any size you want, and then I just roll it around. Put another little piece, you know Iím going to use double stick because I want the top and bottom to be closed nicely. and if you put it on the top piece, you'll always know where it's going to hit, so there, then you just kind of roll it up, know I have that done. And again my wonderful little sash, oh boy look at that color combination! Obviously it's for a different wedding. let me just mark it for myself, scissors, going to cut this to the right size, you never know with these wonderful little pieces, as you develop your theme you'll just say these little pieces and who knows what you'll find to use it for. so just put that aside, and then this goes like this and again let me put a little piece of double stick tape, again you can use a ribbon or not. and line it up, stick it down, I mean picture one of these at every table, one of these at every place setting, it goes on and on these wonderful little round things can so identify how your wedding looks. here's a wonderful solution to some beautiful formal ones with tassels ribbon and paper, as you can see there's just no end to the creativity in a way that you can express yourself.