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Favors are probably the most fun part of a wedding, for the guests after getting to see the big moments. Everyone loves to get a gift, and whether you put them in our wonderful little take out boxes or our pyramid boxes or our pillow boxes or little pocketbook boxes, you can have so much fun with all these different shapes. And again, it's an opportunity to extend your theme, to be creative, to carry out your color scheme, it's just great. So let's make some together. I'm going to move these here, again my wonderful paper base with all these things will remind you, I hope, of all the wonderful papers that we have handy. So here's my working surface. This is what they look like before you start, again they're always flat, and you can put this right through a printer to print directly on them. This is what the pyramid box looks like. And again, it's flat so you can decorate it with rubber stamping or whatever you want to do. And then this is the way the pocketbook looks. And this is called die cutting and it makes it very easy for you to assemble. Let's make some pillow boxes because I think they're the easiest. We've been doing a lot with sashes because they're the paper that you can bring from area to area, from thing to thing whether it's your program, or your menu or whatever. So this is going to be a favor box and here are my sashes, and we can pick, well Im sort of on a roll with this wonderful chocolate paper so I'll use that again. And it's going to be the full width of the pillow box, so I would get everything completely finished before I put whatever treasure inside. You can put something simple, or elaborate inside, whatever your budget. First we'll use the super tacky tape on this, and sort of I'm bone folding it down with my fingernail, and we'll clip it here, and now the trick for me, as always is to get that carrier off, and this time it came right off which is just great, put this in like this, and you know, you would be practicing this to gauge the space to decide what you want to put in there. And it looks beautiful and then this one goes in like this, and now it's ready for the sash. The sash can either go like this, or you can cut it down and use a ribbon to have it go this way. But because we are going to continue our little sash theme, we'll put it here, and use some two way tape to hold it together, and then you can take it one step further, put it on this end here, snug it up, line up your edges, and there. If you do it this way you can still fill it, I actually did it backwards, I'm sure you can't see that from here, but you want this edge to be in theory the bottom, and I taped it on the top. But you try to do it right, pretend I did. It would be beautiful with a pink ribbon around it, and you know I'm a knot person so I'm just going to put a knot on this one, I'm just in love with our ribbon. It's so nice to not have to worry about whether the pinks are going to match. I don't know if you know the story about our beautiful Japanese papers, they're made for us in Japan using our palette, and it helps you, so if you love this paper, then you know that this background color is pool, it matches our pool paper and our pool ribbon and the blossom in here is the same as our blossom everything. So it makes your life a lot easier. One of the reasons we did this is I'm such a freak about color and to have the pinks not match, or the chocolates not match is such a frustration, that I wanted to have things be just right. And we're so lucky that we can do this. There we are with our knot, I was a little overzealous with my ribbon, so you can cut that off short, or you can leave them long. And I'm going to actually put it on the right side, there we go. So now it's on the right side and it's beautiful. Is there anything else I can do? Well, I can put one of our butterflies on, you know I'm so fond of the butterflies these days. This is one that comes with a clip, so here's a clip butterfly, and it doesn't work for some things, but some it's perfect, and all you have to do is just clip it on, and not only is it wonderful, but it can be taken off and used on other things, so it's just great. And it will go well with, how's that for just a wonderful look of perfection. So here is a pillow box that is sash, ribbon, and butterfly.

Now let's do something with a photograph, because you know how much I love the photographs, and we do the same pillow box and it's the same drill, you put it together, put the two pieces together, and so Im going to put the photograph in like this, the first thing I have to do is trim the photograph so it's the exact size of my pillow box, or smaller, but it can't stick out like this one does. So here's my photograph, and it's such a cute picture, and then I'm going to use this tape and I'm going to run a piece of it across the top and the bottom. When anything is going to be under stress or bent like this photograph it is really better to use a really strong tape. So there's my tape, and I'm going to rub it down real hard, that's one way you can get the carrier off easier. Now this is going to go on like this, it fits this way, or it fits this way, so I think Im going to do it this way. Put it on, so cute. And now you just close up the box, put of course the treasure inside, and there you have it, isn't that a great favor? And let's put some ribbon around it, because it is so cute with these guys separated there's room for a little piece of ribbon right down the middle. It's just amazing how I operate; it's amazing that I can get anything done. This is one of those things where I love doing these multiple go around with ribbons, a casual elegance that I love. Let's tuck a baby flower in there, that will be so cute. So this will jut tuck in like that, sweet. So there you are, Jenn would be really happy with this, she also works at Paper Source. We have the best people in the world.