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We call this segment Gift Wrapping 101, we were going to call it Gift Wrapping for Dummies, the problem is, this is really gift wrapping for smarties. Because this is to show you that you can wrap a great gift without any work at all. So these are little boxes that you can wrap in, bags, other kinds of boxes, pillow boxes, we're going to go through them all. All I want you to know is that it's easy and you donít even need to have tape. So these wonderful little boxes, you just open them up, you take your gift, stick it in, click it shut, youíre done. Howís that for speed? Gift number two, take your gift stick it in a bag, youíre done! Actually, youíre not quite done. We have wonderful tissue paper that matches all of our bags, and so you really want to be a little more attractive instead of just sticking it in a big but you do notice how cute that is. Its cute popping out, but we'll make it a little more exotic. Have a nice stock of stuff in a drawer, in a closet. So goodbye little guy. Done! I mean, could it be easier? How about in a box. Also fabulous. These boxes are wonderful particularly for the organized types. Because the box is beautifully made, it looks so good in your closet, on your shelf, your office. Again, isnít that cute? Wouldnít you like to open that up? Again, tissue paper helps different colored tissue paper. Again, all you have to do it, oh, I hate pushing him in. Tie a bow around it, letís do that, I just want to prove to you that you donít have to tie a bow, you can just tie a knot. Its one of the advantages of beautiful ribbon. You donít have to disguise it with a bow. We have a new program with ribbon itís this exquisite satin ribbon that we have made for us, and because itís coming directly to us, we are able to pass it on with wonderful savings to yourself. Iím just tentatively measuring, I just figure out what I think I want, I just cut it and tie a knot. If you tie a knot, and thatís it, then when you send it through the mail you donít even have to worry about it getting there perfect because thereís not bow to crush. So there you are, Iím going to make a nice attractive finish on my edges, cutting on the diagonal. Now that little guy is done. What else? We have little tiny bags for tiny presents. You know what I love, I love this pillow box. This is another fabulous thing, you open one end, and put it together, it comes flat. What is this she has? She has a Paper Source t-shirt. Probably the best gift you can give all year long. A very attractive Paper Source t-shirt. Throw this into a pillow box. These are difficult things to wrap, but not if youíve put it in, voila, another perfect gift without any work. Paper wrapping for dummies is now gift wrapping for smarties. Have fun!

Here we are, ready to try to gift wrap this lovely exotic tea collection. A wonderful hostess gift, gift gift. Gift for yourself, but you donít have to wrap those. So here it is, and one of the tricks is to figure out how much wrapping paper to use. As I do everything else, in a very literal way. I want it to wrap around so I go one two three four. So the width of this paper will exactly wrap around, and now as far as the length, I want it to be, here, one, two, three. So where I want to cut this paper is approximately here. Iím sure there are people out there who get a T-square out and would make this very careful, not me. I just use the paper to make sure its nice and square about as simple as can be. And I just take my scissors and run it down. It doesnít have to be real perfect, I will make sure that this edge is covered. This goes like this, around once like this, around once like this. You see itís just, usually it never works out like this, usually thereís way too much or way too little. Iím going to put this piece of tape here for a minute while I talk. Iíve spent too much time in Japan, and tape is the worst thing in the world and then would never do this. So Iím just doing it for a minute, and then Iím going to, see now I can slide the box so Iím going to center it. So I can see that thereís this much on this side and this much on this side. Iím going to put this edge down like this edge down like this, creasing these and turning this like that. I donít know if you can see that, and then this tilts up. Now Iím going to do the other side, this turns down like this, and like this. And then this tilts up. And so now, luckily my tape just gave way because I donít want it anyway. Usually tape is pretty forgiving if you donít leave it on too long. So this like this, and now how am I going to close this end? I can either use double face tape which is my preference, and I happen to have both here. And I'm going to put that along this edge. The more I have the better chance I have at it working. You see I donít have to be holding this at the same time. And I can do the other end at the same time. Because once I get going I donít want to have to try to do it then. This goes like this, this goes like this and this just pops up. Give it a good rub, turn it around, and now this one goes like this as well. its a little teeny long, I have two choices, I could either fold it down like this and then re tape it, or I could trim it off so you just trim it off and now it fits perfect. The trick is to just not have a lot of extra paper. Perfect on this edge, and I know a box that with two little pieces of tape, perfect.

I didnít talk about centering the designs, thatís always and interesting thing to do. Right now Iím just trying to show you how to turn under the ends. If youíre all worried about your tape holding, donít forget ribbon. Always put your ribbon on going from the end to the end that you got tucked under because it will act as an additional way to keep your package done. This is how much ribbon I need to get around the package, and then I want to tie a bow, I think eight or ten inches additional should work there. And then I cut it. We have some wonderful ribbons at Paper Source in ten yard put ups, thatís what they call the rolls. Ten yards is just a wonderful amount. You can do between three and five packages with a great deal of fun. . And one of the things I sort of want to talk about, when you are choosing your papers and your ribbons, think in terms of wanting to come up with a style. What will be your signature paper and your signature wrap and your signature bow? See how elegant a knot is? Plus if you package it you donít have to worry about the bow. Wasnít that easy?