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Advanced studies in gift wrapping. It sounds a lot worse than it really is. Well all I really mean is, when you're giving a very special gift you want to make it over the top, and how can you do that? Well on a regular present a bow works just fine, a knot, even finer. But every now and then you want to do something that's really great. This is one this we've found that works really well. We have a lot of these flowers that we sell and you can take them apart and you can pull off the plastic back and plastic front like this and you can use either a screw post or a little brad to attach it permanently to the top of the box. Let's see if this screw post if going to fit in this hole. And it's just going to go like this, and push it through, and there is comes, and you find center in your box, the way you do that is just draw a line here and here, a theoretical line, and then you just guess where the center is, which is my idea. Now don't do this with your awl when the gift is in there because you've just stuck an awl through it. But you just keep making the whole bigger and bigger until it's the size of the awl. And then you take the back to the screw post and you take the lid off, and you don't have to do this for a gift, you can do this for your house, you can do it for your desk or anything else. It's just a really fun way of getting something a little more interesting. And you just do this and you screw that baby on, like that, and then you bingo, there's your top! And how cute is that? You can do the same thing with our wonderful paper flowers. Like this, you make the flower then you adorn the box. If it's a made box, you can do it just like that and make a hole and attach it that way, or you can take just a piece of ribbon let's see for that, I want to use this beautiful blue or this orange, I think I'll use the blue. And you just again, put your ribbon on, and you don't have to, two, three, four, plus a little for the knot, you don't have to tie a bow, all you have to do is tie a knot and you're going to slip the flower underneath it. So here it goes, and I'm going to take this off because I don't need it for this part, all I'm doing is tying a knot, and again the trick on the square knot is to just be really careful on the placement of that last thing so you just look at it and pull it to a beautiful position just like that. They are very long tails, if I had wanted them short I would have measured less ribbon, because they're so long I'm going to leave them on there, and this just tucks in like this. Like this, she says, like this. There we go. Now it's gotten a little loose, I think I'm going to tighten it up. I'm going to wrap what looks like a tendril around it, maybe even through it. And it's a gift nobody would have picked up from someplace else. It's just beautiful.

This is one of my favorite ideas, the Ug value of this centipede is just fabulous, there isn't a kid on your list for anything that isn't going to think you're the coolest aunt of uncle if you gift them with this thing. And if you put it on the top of the box, I guarantee you that you're going to thrill everyone. And again, if it's a box like this, all you have to do is put a hole and put something through it, that's what I'll do, just put two holes and a piece of ribbon and we're going to do something that they can see, so nobody tries to rip it off and then hurt it. So I'm going to put in two holes, I hope you can see this, they need to be a little bigger, if you don't have awl, get one, it's a great tool. I don't know if you can tell but I'm just stuffing the end of the ribbon into the hole, now I can grab it, pull it through like that, I have to eventually cut this, I'll cut it now, pre trim the edges nicely so I only have to cut once. And then I'm going to widen the second hole, and I'm going to put the little end of the ribbon right in the hole and stick it through like this, and then voila, now I have a nice little rabbit ear kind of a thing and I can put anything across the top and just tie a knot or a bow, anything that makes it easy for that kid to grab it off because he's going to really love this. So there it is, I promise you that you're going to have a friend for life when you give this as the gift.

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