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So everyone always want to know about the Xyron. This is a Xyron, this is the biggest one, there's actually a little bigger that's available, we can special order it for you, it's a great big one, but this is sort of the standard big guy. It's a wonderful machine, it's a laminator, a label maker, let me get this thing out of the way, a magnet maker, a sticker maker, it just does everything your litter heart desires. I'll use this photograph, so you stick the photograph in, face up, always and you turn the little crank and out it comes and then it has a little built in knife and you just push it down and pull it to you and bingo you have just put an adhesive on a photograph. They come in many ways, I always use the neutral pH adhesive that way I don't have to worry about changing it for a photograph or whatever. And then you just pull it apart like this, and then the back has already got the stuff applied to it you can see it right there. And then you're ready to laminate your photograph. By the way, very often I don't use the original photograph, I get a copy made. That way I can make multiple albums, but I can keep the original safe. It happens to be a really nice solution. I'm putting this on one of our photo pages, it's before the photo album was made, it's an easy way to work on your album, one page at a time. This is one thing I want to show you, this is the package it comes in, it's a little adhesive eraser and you just use it, you run it along the edges and it picks up all the little extra Xyron adhesive. And it's just a wonderful little invention. And so there you are, and I have a beautiful mounted photograph, no photo corner, its neutral pH and it's very very beautiful. So that's the big guy. Now there's part of me that wants to say that's all you need, one big one, but every now and then you're going to want to say do some hole punching and let’s say you want to do this and you've got this just darling little piece and you want to use the Xyron for that. So if you were to do something as foolish as this, I'll just show you, bloody thing didn't even go through, I'm really showing you why you wouldn't want to do this. You can see this is ridiculous. So every now and then you don't want to have the great big machine, you want to have the little teeny machine and here's one of them. And then all you have to do is take your little guy like this and stick it in the hopper like this and pull it out like that, tear it off just like tape and it’s done without wasting an enormous amount of this wonderful Xyron material. There it is, and I could put this on just like a little envelope, just so cute, and again, you can use your fingers to take off the extra glue, or you can use the adhesive pick up which works really nicely too. Amazing how cute that is isn’t it?

So that's the big big one, the little teeny one, there's a medium sized guy which just works so well particularly if you're doing invitations because our A7 or the 5 3/4 inch invitations work through it perfectly. I did it backwards, so I'll just turn the little handle and it will come out like that. This would be the perfect one to use if you were making invitations. But it would also work if you were making little stickers, or anything like that. So this is if you wanted to mount one, a backing piece onto one of your invitations. It's just perfect for that. So the last one, we can stick this to just about anything, so there we are, and then the last one is this little hand held one and this is great for all sorts of uses. Sometimes you don't want to be using a machine, sometimes you want to just attach something like this, I'll just do this, this will also work in this machine, it's too big for this, it's a pull so you have to find the right side and you just pull it on like that. Now this will, pretty good! Those are the Xyron machines, they have four sizes, you can get them to make stickers, to laminate, you can do your fake ID's with them, there are so many wonderful uses. Not good to say fake ID's? Link: video