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Macarons Mixed Note Pads

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To crop your photo, drag the corners of the highlighted box. To move your photo drag the highlighted box to a new location. Then hit apply.

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This photo does not meet the minimum size requirement for this card. Please try another photo.

Uploading Your Photo
We want your photo card to look fabulous! Remember that the quality of your printed photo card depends on the quality of the original photo you upload. For best results, we recommend uploading a jpg, png or psd file at a high resolution (at least 200 dpi).

A few tips for getting a great quality photo:

  1. It is typically best to upload an image file that came from your digital camera without manipulation. Consult your digital camera manufacturer's guide for information on image size and image quality settings.
  2. Be wary of cell phone photos as not all cell phones take photos of high enough quality for print.
  3. Photos saved down from Internet sources such as Facebook will not be high enough quality for print.
  4. Your photo file size can be no larger than 10MB.

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