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Paper Source Green Choices

At Paper Source, we live and breathe paper. We create it, craft it, color it, cut it, shape it, and print it. We cherish it and adore it. We admire paper for its innate qualities as it was first made by artisans—with a deep respect for the materials used, the skill of the artist, and its role as a material for expression.

We appreciate that paper is essentially a simple formula, despite all its beautiful subtleties and complexities. Fiber + Water + Energy = Paper. It's a science and it's an art.

Today, with increasing concern about preserving the earth's fragile eco-system, this simple formula has become a more delicate equation. Paper can be labeled as something "bad" if stereotyped as the outcome of inefficient use of energy, or irresponsible forestry and industrial practices. As a purveyor of paper products, it's our responsibility to assess how and where we factor in.

Our credo—to inspire you to "Do Something Creative Every Day"—is rooted in our profound love for paper. We recognize that when it comes to our product, eco-friendly can sometimes equal compromised archival quality or a less-pleasing aesthetic. Our commitment to you, our customer, is to balance the equation by giving you choices, allowing you to enjoy paper as a wonderful vehicle for creativity without compromising your desire for stewardship of the earth.

Green Choices For You

We've long since partnered with mills that adhere to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards, many of which fuel their processes via wind or hydro power.

We're proud that after a lengthy transition, our exclusive Paper Source collection of solid color papers, cards and envelopes is now made from at least 30% post-consumer waste. (Please note: Our Shimmer, Star Dream, Superfine Whites, and Pure White papers do not contain recycled content at this time, as the material can compromise the beautiful aesthetic and coloring of these papers. They are, however, processed chlorine-free. Stardream papers are also now FSC certified.)

Many colors in the Paper Source line of envelopes and cards are processed chlorine-free (PCF).

We’ve introduced Eco-White and Kraft Paper Bag as the base papers for the Paper Source-designed patterns found in our flat papers and gift wrap, which are both 100% recycled with 30% PCW. (You can find Eco-White and Paper Bag in our card and envelope collection too.)

We're reusing leather, too—with our line of recycled leather datebooks and journals.

Green Choices From Us

Our catalogs and shopping bags have been converted to recycled paper and meet all requirements of the various states that our stores service. We also have eliminated the use of plastic gift wrap shopping bags in our stores, offering our customers paper bags as needed.

Our printers operate with reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and recycle their ink waste.

We have kept our headquarters in a location in Chicago that has easy access to all forms of public transportation. We are also located in a part of the city that is ideal for bike travel, with newly updated bike routes that branch with neighborhoods both near and far. Several of our employees bike to work during the warm summer months!

Paper Source has instituted a successful recycling program in our office, and we're working continuously to find creative ways to reuse leftover paper.

We've transitioned to high-efficiency light bulbs in our stores.

Like many of you, we are on a journey to be better citizens of our planet, while sustaining the joy and creativity embodied by the Paper Source experience. Most importantly, know that our efforts are sincere. Our entire offering is not a model of eco-perfection. But we hope that our efforts help you to bring more "green" to your own creative spark... every day!