It has been a snowstorm of fun, but the Arctic Election has finally reached its conclusion.  The voters have spoken, and we are excited to announce that Narwhal has won the 2016 Arctic Election!

President Narwhal

These past couple weeks have been stressful, and with the added strain of the holidays, it makes sense that fans are looking forward to letting lose and having fun this December.  There is no critter better suited to show us a good time this holiday than Narwhal. So, pop the champagne because this holiday season will be a memorable one!

Narwhal Thanks Supporters

After all the votes were counted, we decided to check in on Narwhal.  There was no time wasted in having a celebratory victory party – we found Narhwal jumping for joy in the Arctic Ocean immediately following the results. Narwhal told us, “this is going to be the best holiday season anyone has ever seen! Thank you to everyone who voted for me and has supported me throughout this campaign.  I could not have won without the help of each and every one of my supporters.  I’ll work hard to ensure that everyone has a fantastic holiday season and begins the New Year with a smile on their face.”

Narwhal’s first order of business? Free tech downloads to make your computer and phones more festive as we head into this holiday season!

Happy Narwhalidays
iPad | Desktop: 2560 x 1440 | Desktop: 2880 x 1880 | iPhone

A Word From Walrus

We also contacted Walrus to hear its feelings towards the results of the election.  It did not come as a surprise when the gracious critter told us, “I am so happy for Narwhal!  It would have been great to win but I could not imagine losing to anyone else.  I must also admit that I am ready to rest now that the hectic campaign has come to an end.  This next month is going to be dedicated to sleeping, and lots of it!”

So, there you have it folks! The 2016 race to the Arctic Presidency is complete with Narwhal leading the North. Here’s to a happy holiday season!