vote in the arctic election

As the end of the election approaches, we decided to check in with some of our arctic friends to see where they currently stand this election.

Swimming though the frozen waters of the north, we first bumped into Walrus’ best friend and number one supporter, Seal.

“Wow! This election is so close! I haven’t seen anything like this since Rudolph ran against Snowman back in ’92.” Seal also notes, “Although this election is down to the wire, Walrus has remained calm, cool, and collected.”

seal wearing red earmuffs

We then find Penguin slipping and sliding down the icebergs of the arctic. Penguin has spent a lot of time in the frigid waters alongside Narwhal, so it comes as no surprise that Penguin’s loyalty is in this candidate.

“I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to support Narwhal in this election. The holidays are all about having fun and enjoying yourself and there is no one more fun to be around than Narwhal!” Penguin tells us.

penguin wearing a red scarf

Next, we take to the snow to see where some of our land critters fall in this election. We run into Unicorn prancing around in the arctic.

“Of course I support Narwhal!  Narwhal is the only other critter to be blessed with a horn almost as beautiful as mine.”  Unicorn adds, “If you want to feel magical this holiday season, then vote for Narwhal.  You can also check out some of my magical Unicorn products at Paper Source.”  Some wise words, along with shameless self promotion from our friend Unicorn.

unicorn with rainbow hair

Nearby, we find Reindeer getting ready for the holiday season with its friends, Dancer and Prancer. We asked Reindeer to weigh in on this election as well.

“Walrus is the absolute best!  My schedule this holiday season is going to be very busy, so I need a candidate who is down to chill out,” Reindeer informs us.  Reindeer ends by saying, “Narwhal is great, but Walrus is much more suited to lead us into a stress-free holiday season.”

reindeer with ornaments on its antlers


So there you have it, folks! The arctic critters have spoken, and now it’s your turn to share your opinion on this year’s race. Head over to our website to check out some of our arctic critter products, and vote for your favorite critter!