For my last blog entry as a summer intern at Paper Source, I interviewed someone who embodies creative inspiration – Annie, our Craft and Visual Merchandising Designer.

What do you do on a typical day at work?
Everyday I brainstorm new kits, how-to ideas for the stores and our blog, as well as physically work on numerous craft assignments. I make samples for our stores such as cards, invitations and paper kits. I even make birthday banners for PS employees!

Paper Source Designer_Annie

Where do you get your inspiration?
Ironically, I rarely use paper craft books for inspiration. Instead, I like to look at kid’s catalogues, knitting books, kid’s story books, and store window displays. These sources usually provide simple shapes that can be easily translated into paper crafts.

How would you describe your crafting/artistic style?
My style is mostly whimsical and quirky. My crafts usually appeal to the light-hearted person who is a child at heart.

What is your favorite type of project to work on?
I like projects that form organically from kits that we’ve created in the past. For example, the flower petal shape from our Gerbera Daisy Flower Kit served as inspiration for our new Mums Wreath Kit coming out this fall. One day I noticed that after curling the daisy petals and playing with different shapes and colors, they transformed into a completely different flower.

Why do you like to craft?
Crafting for me is a form of creative expression. I like it because it transforms something so basic as paper into interesting and fun objects. Working with paper is unique because with just a few simple tools, you can create so many different things.

What are your favorite summer colors?
I like the combination of bright, bold peacock with pure white.

PS colors: curry & paper bag
Latest fave: Leaves 4 Bar Letterpress Stationery


4 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your job is my dream job! LOL I love peacock blue too, but can never seem to implement it in any of my paper crafts…:-(

  2. annie says:

    jennifer – whenever your craft cries out for a blue or green color, try substituting it with peacock…it adds a unexpected burst of color! this holiday, for example, i plan on using a mix of whites with pool and peacock to decorate my home!

  3. What a fun and inspirational post! Thank you!

  4. annie chu says:

    renee – thanx for reading!