Bee Kind, Valentine's Day 2017

We want to start this year off right by committing to a resolution that is sweet and simple. At Paper Source, we want to strive to make little changes to share love and kindness everyday. As a part of our #PSBeeKind Campaign, we believe that simple acts of kindness and a little bit of sweetness can go a long way!

As we reflect on our previous year’s resolution, we always tend to hold ourselves accountable to a high and sometimes unrealistic standard. We list all the things on our checklist we didn’t get around to doing. But, the #PSBeeKind campaign is about simple gestures that make a greater impact- We can show kindness through a handwritten thank you note to friends, calling mom to let her know she is being missed, or paying it forward at our favorite coffee shop. Simple acts like these don’t take a lot of effort but can make a big difference in someone else’s day while adding meaning to ours. Inspired by our Bee Kind Collection, we started writing down these commitments to kindness here at our Paper Source Headquarters in Chicago.

Here are some examples of what some of us at the Paper Source HQ in downtown Chicago pledged to:

“To be kinder to yourself. Acknowledge all the accomplishments you’ve done, however great or small. Love yourself for all that you are!”

“My resolution #PSBeeKind is to spend more time talking about the positives; less time talking about the negatives.”

Our stores across the country are also participating as part of this internal kindness campaign. We’re also inviting you to write down and post your commitment to kindness at your local Paper Source store.

Come by and create your own card and display it on the Bee Kind Pledge Wall or create one at home and tag us at @PaperSource or use the #PSBeeKind across all social media platforms.

– Maham Khan
2016 Fall Web Intern


13 Responses

  1. Do you sell the supplies for recreating one of these at a home or office? I’dI’ve to do this at my office.


  2. Lori S says:

    Thank you, thank you!! I love Paper Source even more now that you have created this beautiful campaign. Especially on a day like today, it is a great reminder that acts of kindness are powerful.

    Keep on creating and inspiring, you fabulous folks at Paper Source.

  3. Cali Carol says:

    How fun to read what your headquarters is doing with your Bee Kind Campaign and such a great gesture to include us in your resolution. Another reason for me to tell my friends to shop at Paper Source because your employees and products are the best!

  4. Susan Eppolito says:

    P.S. is Fabulous! !! Love, Absolutely Love your Bee Kind Campaign! Wish you were located in Hawaii. We’ll spread the love from afar and through my daughter at P.S. Georgetown.

  5. Lynn says:

    Thank you! This is a wonderful campaign. I spent most of the day crying because of what is happening in our country today. I picked up the tab for the car behind me at the coffee shop. I’m going to get my coworkers to create this in our office. Thank you for brightening our day!

  6. Linda says:

    How can we purchase this?
    I have sent the Bee Valentines for my granddaughter and she has all ready made them. As she opened them, she asked my daughter, ” How does Grandma know what I like?”
    I know this Bee Kind project would be a great project for her and even her class. I would send this to them.

  7. Martha McTighe says:

    Paper source is without a doubt my “go to” place for the most unique and special items. The employees at your store in Fairfax really helped me out at Christmas. Whenever I need something extra special I head out to your store. I ❤️ the Bee Kind suggestion. I’m headed there today. Thanks for all of the special ideas Papersource gives me & my loved ones‼️

  8. Carol says:

    I surely wish I had a store in Fredericksburg, Virginia to post my Bee Kind thought for others. What a wonderful campaign for all of 2017 and onward!!! I did like one of the colored post-its above about being kinder to oneself. If you are happy, that feeling can’t help but be infectious. Paper Source is a real , happy place. Thank you . Everyone needs kindness.

  9. Lucy Wu says:

    I really love this! Paper source provides a great source for inspirations and I encourage all our peers to #beeKind #beeHumble #beelieve and #beeYourself. ❤