Paper Source Craft Team

Rounding out our feature on the Paper Source Design Team are the wonderful ladies who lead our craft, kit and sample creation. And, man, do these gals rock!

Maria and Estella (pictured at left and center) are the early birds in the Design Area. We are so lucky to enter our space each morning to see wonderful colors and inventive crafts, as well as to be greeted by two smiling faces and a cheery, “Buenos dias!” It’s the perfect way to start the day.

By the day’s end, we’ll catch glimpses of some pretty incredible things – new samples for our stores, like handmade cards or invitations, or special sneak previews of upcoming store window displays.

Fall Wreath

craft samples
recycled paper flowers

This small, but mighty team is also responsible for our Paper Source kit concepts. Claudia (pictured right) is one of the talented minds behind the one-of-a-kind paper kits sold in our stores, like our Paper Doll Kit and our new Holiday Gnomes Kit (available later this season). The largest of our Holiday Gnomes will be in Paper Source store windows this holiday!

Giant Gnome

Until then, you can find him roaming around the craft area, inspiring us all to Do Something Creative Every Day.


2 Responses

  1. Elle says:

    Vivan las Latinas! So great to know about these talented women behind Paper Source. I loved Paper Source before, I admire it even more now! Gracias por su trabajo tan bonito, senoras!!!

  2. Pene says:

    You guys are so lucky to be around so much talent. I always love looking at the store windows and all the fun stuff that it contains. It’s like looking at a snow globe, I never get tired of it. Thanks for sharing. Great job Ladies.