Let us take a moment to celebrate the women who inspire us to give, live, create and celebrate every day.


From social disruptors, to makers to mothers, we unite a community of women who want to create something meaningful. We invite you to honor a women that inspires you – tell HERstory and together let us make history.

With your help, these are the stories of makers, designers, authors, advocates, and mothers.


Reshma Saujani

“As the founder of Girls Who Code, Reshma is trying to inspire girls before they reach any professional barriers that exist in STEM, so they have the passion and skills to make their path. Reshma encourages girls to be brave instead of ‘perfect.'”

-Maura M.


Joyelle Arvella

“She is an entrepreneur and a warrior for restorative justice, healing, and community! Her work brings everyone closer. She creates a safe space for discussing hard topics like race, gender & LGBTQ equality and trauma.”

-Britni T.


Reese Scott

“Reese left her lucrative 9-5 job and began boxing, she dedicated her life to opening the first women’s only boxing gym in New York. She’s achieved that dream and created a safe space and built a community of girls and women who can learn to box, defend themselves, feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging in a sport that is otherwise male-dominated. The name of her gym is Women’s World of Boxing. Reese and WWB has changed my life and the lives of countless other women. She is a real life SHE-ro.”

-Kathleen M.


Saumya Dave

“My wife Saumya is the most inspirational person I know. In the most traditional sense, she has accomplished so much in just 32 years. She is the Chief Psychiatry Resident at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital, where she is not only lauded for her leadership of all of the residents but also for her top notch skills as a therapist. She started a non-profit, thisisforHER, which focuses on using art as a means to teach women and girls in developing countries concepts around mental illness and wellness. And she is also a writer – as a poet, as a journalist (NYTimes, Huffington Post, ABC News, etc.), and as a novelist, with 2 women’s fiction novels coming out with Penguin in 2020 and 2021 that explore the unique ties that bind women (mothers and daughters, sisters, etc.). On a more personal level, she is an incredible wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She is so caring to everyone she knows. She’s passionate in everything she does. She’s an artist – a classical dancer, a singer, a writer. She has the best handwriting of anyone I know. She’s a feminist and fights against injustices experienced by women, and specifically women of color. I personally blessed to know her and I think the world is better because of her.”

-Samir S.


Adeline Bondu

“Empower women by participating in feminist podcasts, giving positive messages, and spreading smiles everyday.

-Cecile G.

Uby Yanes

“Uby Yanes is a Boss Lady Latina ( in Miami ) she have a community that serve to women in business and teach to style brands, level up Instagram, how to take better photos for social media. She is a inspiration to me because I work with her ( I’m their assistant) and every day she encourage me to be better and follow my dreams.”

-Erika M.


Madeleine Rhode

“Madeleine always wanted to grow up to be a ballet dancer. And in high school, her training got intense: she was dancing everyday after school from 5:30-9:30 Monday through Friday. And during her senior year, she went to school half days, dancing from 8am-11am going to school from 12-3:30, and then going back to the studios from 5:30-9:30pm. Madeleine was so dedicated, and while her teachers were very accommodating, many of them told her that dancing was not a real career and that she should really be focusing on school and looking at colleges for pursuing a “real” job. But Madeleine never let her studies slip: she graduated with honors in the top 5% of her class. Madeleine didn’t go on to school, and she is now a dancer with the Milwaukee Ballet Second Company”

-Claire R.


Betty Smith

“Betty Smith is the creator of Francie, the heroine of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Francie is a wonderful example of an independent spirit, fueled by her intelligence and kindness”

-Amanda T.


Evelyn Henson

“Evelyn has brought her unique style and love to Charlotte with her creative confetti hearts wall art. A growing trend in cities is wall art that brings people together for fun wall art photos shared on social media. The confetti hearts wall in Charlotte has become one of the most Instagram worthy walls in the city! The city is hoping for more wall art from her!”

-Jason G.


Kiana Ting

“Kiana combined her love of travel, organization and art to perfect her skill of bullet journaling! She is such an inspiration combining her passions and creativity on a daily basis, while documenting her travels in an artistic way!”

-Lauren B.


The Paper Source Design Team

“I feel privileged to work with such a talented group of women and designers. We work at such a quick pace but they continue to find inspiration in the world around them to create beautiful prints and illustrations. I admire their commitment to collaboration and innovation with each collection we design.”


Lady Gaga

“Not only is she incredibly talented and successful, she uses her voice to advocate for the importance of mental health. People need to talk about it without stigma, shame, or embarassment, and to ask for help when they need it. It can truly save someone’s life. Her role in, “A Star is Born” gives her a platform to speak to this, and she did so very eloquently in her acceptance speech at the Grammy awards.”

-Ruth J.


Marilyn Jones

“Mom was Citizen of the year 2018 for Bedford, OH, due to all the volunteer work she’s done over the years. Girl Scout and Cub Scout Leader, Sunday School Teacher, volunteer when teachers were sick on short notice for elementary school 5 houses away, Coordinated Visitors Desk for Bedford Municipal Hospital, Civil War Weekend event planner for 2 years, Tow Path leader for school kids for 10 years, 14 year Victorian Tea event planner for Bedford Historical Museum, maintained section of Buckeye Trail (part of the Metroparks near Cuyahoga National Park). She taught her kids how to be stewards of nature and she is mom, grandma and great grandma.”

-Alyson W.


Jen Hewett

“Jen is an African-Filipina-American living as a working artist in San Francisco. Her 2018 book Print Pattern Sew, inspired so many women (including myself) to explore craft in a new way. She also had an amazing first fabric collection for Cotton + Steel which flew off our shelves. And she shares so much of her creativity on Instagram which makes the physical distance between us feel less permanent. I think Jen embodies what it means to be a contemporary crafter, a feminist, and an awesome human doing awesome stuff. When I use her fabric, create a project from her book, or put on one of her Flower of the Month enamel pins I feel like I have my friend close at hand and I feel like I can do or make anything.”

-Virginia J.


Julie Niezwagg

“The most whimsical and quirky science teacher in the world.” – Brigid S.


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