Kerri's fake mustache

Fun with fake mustaches

Turns out the new Stylish Self-Adhesive Mustaches at Paper Source aren’t just for Halloween – I use them to turn everyday errands into funny adventures! Recently I bought a pack of these when a friend of mine was visiting from Los Angeles. While we toured all of the famous Chicago landmarks, we took photos of ourselves sporting the different mustaches. Sure we got a few glances from strangers, but we had tons of fun and ended up with a wacky photo album documenting our “mustache adventures.”

Next I want to dress up a few everyday household items with mustaches – a can of soup sporting the Sheriff mustache…a toothbrush donning the Bruiser mustache. Imagine what you could do with the images with a little Photoshop work! By the way, these mustaches also work perfectly as bushy unibrows – just turn them upside down.

Sometimes in life you just need to be silly, and these mustaches do the trick!

–Keri, Paper Source Evanston Store
PS colors: pool & chartreuse
Latest fave: Birds Water Bottle


4 Responses

  1. puglyfeet says:

    I’ve been seeing mustaches everywhere. I’m curious — what’s all the rage?

  2. Cali says:

    With great mustache comes great responsibility!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    LoL! That’s hilarious! The best use of the stylish self –adhesive mustache kit that I’ve ever seen!

  4. Nicholas says:

    Sillyness is just the thing for a Girl Scout leader. My 8 year old daughter found a fake mustache after Halloween and wore it to school to amuse herself and her friends. Inspired by her sense of humor, I am making mustaches for her Girl Scout troop to wear at their meeting tonight.