Sue as a young girl

Sue as a young girl

Paper Source founder Sue Lindstrom celebrates her birthday today and in her honor we’d like to call this Founder’s Day and take a moment to reflect on her (which she would just hate but we’re going to do it anyway!). Sue founded Paper Source over 25 years ago after a life-changing trip to Japan, during which she simply fell in love – with paper! Lucky for all of us, Sue came home wanting to share her new love. She opened her first Paper Source store here in Chicago, filling it with tools for creativity, keen gifts, quirky humor and lots of colorful, beautifully designed papers from around the world. Today, Sue’s vision and mission to Do Something Creative Every Day can be experienced in 30 stores nationally (and counting!) and online worldwide.

You’ve come a long way baby!

Sue in New Mexico

Sue in New Mexico

Sue, thank you for sharing your passion, humor, and truth while keeping us inspired and challenged to create the very best products for our loyal customers, every day. We send you a big “cheers” in hopes that on your special day you are enjoying one of your famous fresh (strong) margaritas while you take in the beauty of the western landscape just outside your door! XOXO, you’re the best!

— Paper Source


20 Responses

  1. Geralyn Gray says:

    Happy Birthday Sue!!!!!! I feel so blessed to be working for Paper Source. Thank you for the foundation you built for Paper Source. I hope you are enjoying your life in New Mexico!

  2. ohbrooke says:

    Here Here! Congrats on the hard work, and Happy Birthday Sue!

  3. sue lindstrom says:

    You guys are the BEST!
    When I think about those 25 years I am amazed by my unchecked entrepreneurial spirit but even more so by the fact that you all joined me. What did we know about what we were doing…we had joy and passion and love and no business plan other than…What a great idea…Let’s try it. And we did and so many creative people around the country were thrilled and loved what we had given form to. This is what creativity is all about.

  4. A big, huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue!! Because of her vision and everyone’s hard work Paper Source has inspired so many to “Do Something Creative Every Day”. Thank you!

  5. Lindsay says:

    This post comes as so timely to me! Last week I returned from a trip to Japan and spent lots of time (and money) at Paper Source over the weekend picking up a Kolo album and some of the fabulous Japanese papers!

    Happy “Founders Day,” Sue!

  6. Laurie says:

    Wishing you all the best on your birthday Sue!

  7. yay! happy birthday, sue! thanks for giving all of us crafters such a fun place to pick up inspiration and tools for our hobbies and businesses.

  8. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue, from a former PS employee!! Thanks to your inspiration I still try to Do Something Creative Every Day! 🙂

  9. Sandra Lee says:

    Just when all my paper resources were going away, I discovered yours!! So, happy birthday to you, Sue, and happy day to me. Celebrate your special day!

  10. Laurel says:

    happy b day! Yesterday was my birthday too!

  11. hi sue! happy, happy birthday! hope you’re enjoying yourself out there. thanks for all the inspiration during my days at PS!

  12. Bette says:

    Happy belated Birthday Sue! I Love Love paper and have been enjoying your new Thousand Oaks, California Store. I am new to Paper Source and wondered what the heck happend that I didn’t know about it sooner. As the rubber stamp stores started closing I wondered where paper lovers were going to get more!

    Well wonder no more Paper Source is on my radar and I am so happy to Do Something Creative Everyday too!

    Thanks for your vision into the creative realm!


  13. Trees says:

    Happy Birthday Sue! I love your stores and love the new products you introduced to us. I also love the GREENING of the Paper Source papers. When are you getting the new ACME STUDIOS biodegradable pens? I know you already carry their products (which I love), so their new pens will go perfectly with the Greening of the Paper Source.

    Thank you for creating the Paper Source. I feel like a kid in the candy shop each time I go in.

  14. Cerri says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I adore Paper Source and every time in am in a city that has one it’s first on my list of places to go. Just wish you had one in Knoxville, TN.
    I hope your day is filled with wonderful things!

  15. allison deyoung says:

    hi sue! on many occasions of crafting at PS so many quirky and odd projects that you thought of made me laugh! thanks for all of your energy that i now carry into my daily life.

  16. Happy belated birthday Sue! You have added a lot of joy to a lot of lives. Your talent, leadership and dedication are inspirational. You your accomplishments inspired me to start an awesome business several years ago. Let’s stay in touch.

    Frank Clifford
    Bradley Paper, Inc.

  17. This is a very belated birthday wish to Sue. I’m happy to have a place to say: “thank you” for allowing me to be a part of Paper Source. It truly inspired me to live a creative life. Next month I’ll be launching a new website promoting indie artists called: Art Wall ( If it weren’t for Sue and the creative team, I don’t think my life would have gone down this path. Anyway, I think of you all very often and wish everyone the best.

  18. P.S. I have to add that you were definitely the wackiest boss I ever had. Did I ever tell you that when I first saw you crawling around on the floor putting together a sample pack-I thought you were part of the cleaning crew? You were wearing sweatpants and of course, birkenstock sandals. I love that memory. Stay spunky with extra sassafrass,


  19. Busybee says:

    Happy B-Day Sue!

    You are not only a dreamer but also a doer. You told that mountain to move.


  20. Becky Graziano says:

    Sue!! A belated happy birthday to you!! I remember you fondly and still have the picture that you drew on a shirt for me prior to me moving from Wilmette to New Jersey.

    All the best!