Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th!


With 2021 being a historic year for women, Paper Source will be honoring the women who have paved the way for generations to come! All month long celebrate the women that inspire you on a daily basis. See how Paper Source is empowering women everyday during Women’s History Month and shop at your local store to join us!

Here are a three ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month with Paper Source:

Get crafty! 

Create your very own Paper Doll with our DIY Paper Doll Kit recognizing important women who have contributed to monumental events in history and contemporary society. This is the perfect way to spend your down time with a few friends or a little one. Check out this video for some inspiration on how to create a handmade hero!

Get Your Hustle On! 

There’s nothing like being your own boss, Paper Source has everything you need from pens to planners to conquer the world one day at a time. Check out the Work From Home collection to get your hands on the essentials to organize and plan your daily routine out all month long!

Start them young! 

Raise up the next generation one bedtime story at a time. Get your hands on “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls,” to read 100 incredible tales all about changemakers who will inspire your little one to be the most daring and extraordinary woman when she grows up. Check out the other books we have at Paper Source to educate yourself on historical women!

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