Nothing makes a sweeter statement atop a gift than a perfectly tied bow. And with endless pattern and color combinations, it’s the perfect skill to master for any season. Follow our guide for all of the pro-bow tying tips you’ll ever need.



Things You’ll Need:




How to Make Bow:

1. First, choose the ribbon you’d like to use. Then, measure five lengths of ribbon. Start with the edge of your gift box, then wrap each piece of ribbon over the top and down the other side of the box.



2.  To start the bow, measure a width and a half of the ribbon. Place the ribbon at that point in the center of the box.


3.  Wrap the long end of the ribbon around the box and place your finger in the center to hold the two pieces of ribbon in place.



4.  Then, fold the long end of the ribbon down toward you at a right angle.



5.  Wrap the same long end under and up around the box vertically. Keep holding the ribbon in place in the center of your box with your finger.


6. Bring the ribbon to the center point and tuck it under the bottom right-hand corner, then pull it up and out of the top left corner.


7. Keeping your finger on the center point, turn the box 90 degrees, making sure the ribbon ends are pointing to the top right and bottom left corners of the gift box.



8. Create the first loop with the bottom left ribbon, then wrap the top right ribbon around the top of the loop.


9. Tuck it under the center wrap to create a second loop.


10. Gently pull to create a bow, then adjust the ribbons to center the knot.


11. For a pretty angled edge, fold the bow ends in half and snip diagonally with scissors.


For more guidance, check out this video with the steps for creating the ultimate bow!


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