Designing our holiday card (and holiday theme!) is one of my favorite parts of the season.  I love sharing the details on Girl Meets Party.  As soon as stock hits the store floor, I’m at Paper Source scoping out my favorite wrapping papers.


Planning A Theme

I typically start my holiday theme planning by browsing my favorite holiday cards on Paper Source.


Then, I head into the store to see the latest wrapping papers in person.  I typically opt for a simple holiday card knowing I can add a pop of color with an envelope liner.  Varying liners is one of my favorite things to do for recipients.  It’s ridiculously easy with the Paper Source envelope liner template.

When deciding our holiday card, I always look for something that looks like it could be framed.  Elegant and classy are two of my go-to needs, but everyone is different!  I love to be more creative and fun with our wrapping paper.

For wrapping paper, I love anchoring my holiday theme on three unique papers.  Typically, one paper is more green, one more white and one more red.  I also opt for different size shapes, too!


Our Holiday Theme

This year I went with two variants of stone wrapping paper.  Have you heard about it yet?!  It is actually like cutting butter.  It’s so fun to cut!

Truth be told, I planned everything around the Christmas Tree Farm Stone Wrapping Paper.  I’m obsessed with it.  It’s classic yet fun to me.  I also fell in love with the Dogs in PJs wrapping paper.  I thought it’d be so much fun for my animal loving Secret Santa gift as well as nieces & nephews!  The Christmas Tree Farm is more green while the dogs are more red, so to balance it all, I opted for the Confetti Flurry.

After you select your wrapping paper, it’s fun to select other elements to compliment it.  I try not to be too ‘matchy matchy’ because I find it more fun to be creative.  Gold is my metal of choice this year from the gold foil on our holiday card to our wrapping paper.  So, I chose a beautiful gold ribbon for my Christmas gifts and complimented it with tree tags and green gift tags.


Carrying It Throughout the Holiday

I love that cards are the kick-off to your holiday theme.  The envelope liner or simple embossment on the envelope can give a hint to your theme.  It’s a common practice that we see with weddings all of the time and other events.

I picked 3 different liners.  The Christmas Trees and Polka Dots are based on the wrapping paper while the hunter green is a standard Paper Source liner.  Paper Source provides beautiful colored liners with your card.  If you’re short on time or want to keep it simple, a standard Paper Source liner is a great option.

Once you vary your paper, then you can vary your tags and ribbons to create a holistic look.  I chose to give the Confetti Paper a pop of green and the Christmas Tree Farm paper an elegant touch of gold.  The Dogs in PJs are so fun that I added a bright bold red bow.

For more holiday inspiration, find my Paper Source Holiday Card video and more holiday content on  Christmas card photo by Lauren Michelle Photography + Design.  Blog photos by Belen Aquino Photo.

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